Monday, October 21, 2013


   There are many props to being ridiculously ahead in a class and having a sub.  One of which is the ability to
blog without fear of falling behind.  So, at 1:00 today, i have my Allstate audition for choir.  Allstate is this giant choir comprised of students from around the state who have been selected through the auditioning process.  The audition consists of 3 segments.  1.) your 2 minute solo (the same as for solo and ensemble)  2.) a segment of a pre-selected song, in this case, "i am in need of music" by David L. Brunner and finally, 3.) a segment of sight reading.  Sight reading is where you are given a minute to look at 8 measure of music and a scale, arpeggio, and starting note, and then you have to sing it at a tempo you establish.  This sounds easy, but can be a real hassle.  Not to mention, today i also had the big group presentation i alluded to here.
    The group project actually went great.  We made perfect time and i think we really covered all the bases we needed to.  We had a 3 page handout with all our quotes (created by moi), a really nice powerpoint (created by moi), and questions with candy prizes provided by one of the group members!  Our teacher seemed really happy about it so yay.
    As of allstate, i'm getting nervous.  I was staying focused on my presentation this morning, but now that it's over, i'm getting jittery.  You, your accompanist, and the judge are in a small room and you have to just sing your heart out to them and hope they like you.  Unlike solo and ensemble, there is no scale of 5- to 1+ that anyone can get: it's a competition.  A cut-throat battle.  This is actually my first year auditioning and wouldn't you know it, i'm horribly sick -_-  doesn't nature have the best timing?
    So, i'll probably have a second post today telling you how it went and all that good stuff so for now, wish me luck!  <3