Friday, September 27, 2013

Pokemon news part god knows how many (5)

   Today was over all not that interesting.  I had a depressing day of feeling left out and hated in choir again but over all they day sort of seeped into the others.  Today i might try doing a beta test of recording Spelunky except this time splitting it into short videos rather than a long one like last time plus doing it on my good camera that supposedly films in 1080p.  We'll see.  You guys have to understand it's hard for me to write everyday so i hope long post like yesterday make up for it.  If you guys have any suggestions or questions, feel free to submit them!!
   I'll try to do my Pokemon Hopes post but of course, there is more info.  Please watch and enjoy guys!  The other posts are all listed and linked to on the last post.  

   My thoughts?
   Doublade- I gotta love the pink and the sheildy look but...another 2 part Pokemon?  I hope this is it's final evolution not evolving again to add a 3rd sword -_-
   EXP Share-  EPIC!!!!!!  SO FRICKIN EXCITED!!!
If you look really closely at about 1:10, you can read some other new JWittz doesn't address.  I'd specifically like to point out 3, 4, and 8+9
   3- Breeding has been adjusted.  One thing i've always liked but never understood was breeding.  Back in my Gold, Silver, and Crystal handbook, it had a guide to breeding that i kind of sort of used but never really understood and since then, it has changed a lot.  I hope the breeding has become easier or more clear as to what can breed with what and maybe i'll talk more about this in my hope's video.
    4-Ghost types can freely leave battle.  I think this is extremely clever and a nice touch.  Well played Gamefreak
   8+9- Now...back to Mega Evolution....  They say it's based off a Pokemon's look, popularity, and game balance.  I hope this still means some less popular guys like say...stantler and giraffarig show up....  Next up is the fact that they're supposed to be like legendaries and this worries me.  I felt like gen 5 had SO MANY LEGENDARIES in such a way that...they didn't feel as special.  I always love the game's idea of having usually a trio and a main legendary.  First, the bird trio and mew and mewtwo.  Second, the beast (dog?) trio with lugia and ho-oh with celebi and technically the unknowns i guess.  Third had quite a few legendaries, with the main ones being the elemental trio plus deoxys, jirachi,latias and latios, and the golemn trio.  Gen 4 came back with the lake trio and Arceus, the creation trio, with shaymin, crestelia and darkrai, manaphy and phione, and heatran.  Finally, we've had the 4 hoursemen of the----i mean the "musketeer" quad, kyurem, whit kyurem, black kyurem, reshiram, zekrom, victini, genesect, meloetta, and the weather trio.  I love every single one of these guys, i do...but i really hope that Xerneus and Yvetal plus maybe another interesting group make up for the immense number of Mega Evolution we've already seen.
   Moving on to the anime, i am SO excited for Pokemon Origins.  I really hope it lives up to the hype and i'm super glad it is essentially a movie.  I can't wait to see it!!!
   So that's it!  I'm off to pick up some yummy Texas Roadhouse and dissapear into Spelunky.  Bye guys!! <3