Thursday, October 3, 2013

Homecoming Day 4: Nerd Day (offensive!)

      Nerd Day.  A day i dread due to the stereotypical annoyance of everyone.  By nerd everyone ends up dressing like well....this.  This has annoyed me for the longest time.  My friends and i however, decided to instead do something only true nerds would get.  Myranda took her sonic screwdriver and bouboni-con shirt with the tiny light up tardis i got her last year.  Joellen wore a cute "chick with a brain" shirt of a baby chicken with glasses.  Jeremy has a Mario hat and stache with a doctor outfit with a power rangers morpher.  Then there was me.  What did i wear?  Well, let's talk about my day first hm?  In the morning i had an I.E.P. basically saying i was doing ok in my classes and need to look for scholarships yada yada.  My classes were all shortened for our spirit assembly in 4th.  I have to say the dance and such were really awesome this time around with really great music including a sweeeet Macklemore mash up for poms.  We then had a school carnival with Kettle corn from choir, a balloon toss for GSA, lemonade for Amnesty club, and OMYGAWDISTHATFUNDIP?!?!  Sooooo i spent a little too much on a huge packet of fun-dip....i regret nothing.  Choir was a bit of a flop and a disappointment because i had to present for everyone my too-hard-solo and messed up horribly in front of everyone, then had to watch a ton of better singers show me up.  I got to practice though and sounded better after it but....  Moving on.  What did i wear?  What was my big surprise?
 Chell.  In case you haven't guessed, i LOVE Portal.  This is the Chell cosplay i talk so much about.  In my arm i have my dearest companion cube and in my other, my little turret.  My hair is again up in a pony-tail sorta.  This picture doesn't really show my epic boots well though.So have a few pics of those!  I got the boots themselves at a thriftstore and used shoe polish (white and black) to make the colors.  I haven't put on a new coat of it in a few months so that's why it doesn't look exactly solid.  I also have metal bars tat i need to attach to the backs, but didn't have them on today.
      That's really it for me today.  I knooowww there's more Pokemon news so i'll be waiting until the end of the week to post my hopes as well as updates and such.  I hope you guys are enjoying this week!  Vote, share, and all that great stuff and i'll talk to you all tomorrow.
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