Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pokemon X and Y news Part 1: Section 3 (Updated)

    Read parts one and two first for more info!!  So, we are as of today, an exact month away from Pokemon X and Y and we have finally received our latest CoroCoro scans!!  I'll let the Jwittz explain.
       So what do i think?  Well let's start with the starters.  Chespin...what...what are you doing?  I's not awful let me say that and it's a WAY but really....its....bad.  Next up (sigh) is Fenniken....I had really high hopes for something epic but there is something about those legs and those derpy little arms that just...makes me sad.  Unless they do the witch motiff and really pull it off with pyschic fire, i'll have to go with Froakie and his pretty cool evolution.  Nothing mindblowing though sadly.  Of course, the Stage 1s are the teenagers and always are a bit....well...teenager like in that they are gangly and weird so we'll have to see.
Source and more info!!!
Next up is Mega Mewtwo X and boy am i happy.  I didn't hate the Y version but it worried me, but this boy is like BOOM!  I get this sort of knight feel to him and it really seems to fit him a bit better.  Next up is Mega it just me or does he look like a chisel-chinned guy in a suit?  There's something about the shoulders and the way his teeth(?) on his chest look that make it...suit like.  It's ok.  I do like it but it is........disturbing.  Next up we have the white dog pokemon or basically, the poodle Pokemon.  I think it's really fitting for this gen's dog to be a poodle.  The design itself is a bit weird but i can't wait to see the potential haircuts!  Next up are the ADORABLE cat pokemon.  I LOVE when Pokemon have multiple gender differences as i think i mentioned in a previous post.  I really like the drastic difference and intend on catching both.  Next, we have my most favorite part--the fossils.  As i talked about recently, i have always wanted real Dinos in Pokemon.  Tropius and Cranados are great, but these two take the dino cake.  The first, the T-Rex, is exactly what we have been asking for since gen 1.  However, the real one i'm excited about is that ADORABLE little ice guy.  HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM!?!?  He seems oddly reminiscent of the cuteness of Dratini and i truelly adore it, plus it's the first ice fossil (that i can think of) so that's really great!!!  I also am super excited about character customization which i've already discussed.  Plus, there's the new type list which is really interesting and i really love the allusion to myth in that steel/iron is deadly or painful to fairies so that made me very happy to hear they are keeping up with the idea.  This adds a bit for me to think about for my thoughts post and i'm really glad i waited for this last scan and all that so i'll try to get the fun X and Y stuff up soonish.

   That's it for today everyone!  Sorry it's so late, i had a paper and such.  Also, watching Powerpuff Girls and Johnny Bravo is suuuper counter productive.  For more of my Pokemon posts, check out this, this, and parts 1 and 2 of my life story.  If i've left out anything, feel free to message me or comment!  See you guys all tomorrow!!!  <3          

UPDATE : O and i forgot Team Flare!!!  Now, this does shoot down my hope that it could have some link to Team Rocket, however i am glad they have thier own personality that is very fitting to the French setting.  I can't wait to see what they're up to and am excited, however i dont know if they can trump Team Plasma 

UPDATE 2:  Also!!!  We finally get to see the evolution of Litleo, the amazing Pyroar!!  I definitely love this Pokemon but with all the fire types...i'll have to see what happens :(