Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Homecoming day 2: Guitar Hero

     Hello hello!  If you didn't read my post earlier about the new polls and incentive, please do!  Now, onto homecoming!  Today's theme was to wear a band shirt.  I however, only own a generic "rockband" shirt so i decided to spice it up as did my friends so you get some pictures!!  Nothing was very exciting otherwise.  We spontaneously decided to get pizza for lunch though which was yummy!  The rest of the day was nothing special.  Also, I won't be putting up an ad for a few days due to some technical stuff btw.  Now, picture time!  Finally, at the end of the week i think i'll post some of my senior pics to show you guys that i don't always look horrible.
Jeremy and I rocking out with Joellen as our lead singer.  Myranda was off doing stuff at the time but she was dressed up too.

My full outfit (forgive the lighting)

one of our really nice Spruce City friends, Taylor, myself, and Deanna (and in the yellow shirt is a girl from my school looking at us like WTF)

De and I laughing about something with oblivious Taylor