Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pokemon X and Y part 1: section 4 -_-

   I'll just never been done with these will i?  Today we have some MORE news!  First of all, you should check back on my other X and Y news posts here, here, here, and here.
     So if you did read this post, you'll have met our adorable fossil Pokemon and let me say i really like these evolutions.  I feel like they flow right (although the T-Rex looks like he has a beard and the other looks a bit...sad?) and are lovely designs.  I especially like the way the T-Rex looks in the 3D which i've previously critisized.  I stick with my view that it looks a bit...derpy but eh.  Moving on, i'm VERY happy that Gen 6 wont be Mega Evolving.  As i've discussed, some designs are a bit weird and personally, i'd prefer straight up evolutions but it's nice to see love for older Pokemon.  Also, THANK GOD we get EXP for catching Pokemon.  I always found it upsetting that my poor Pokemon fought their butts off to help me catch something and then didn't get anything for it!  This is super exciting for me.
   Next up let's move to the cards and anime.  I LOVE the fairy type card design.  I think it's pretty and want it in my deck.  I think i'll probably wait until the official release and maybe save up for the next Elite Trainer Box so i can maybe get some of those energy in bulk.  This does make me ask though, will we be seeing a lot of these energy in packs?  When i was younger i remember the energy being as common as pokemon and trainer cards.  Today, the only ones you really see in packs are Plasma and special energies.  I've also always had a problem getting enough of said energy so we'll see.  As of the anime...i stopped watching sometime into the Sinnoh region.  I ust lost interest especially because Ash just seemed to get weaker and weaker and boring.  I have high hopes and might give this season a try just to see what's up.  For those of you who miss the original series, it's actually on everyday at 4:30 MST on Boomerang (a CN channel full of older TV shows like Dexter's Lab and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends i.e. a nostalgic punch to the face).
    So....this adds more to me to hope for so....we'll have to see if more news springs up.  As of me, i have a TON of homework to do so see you all tomorrow!!  Night guys!!!! <3