Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pokemon X and Y thoughts part 1 section 2: More news!!!

    Today was again boring.  However, at lunch, i got to experience the worst thing: sitting alone.  At lunch, my friends were either at honors society or somewhere else so i ate most of lunch alone.  I ended up drawing a semi-cool picture that i'll post tomorrow.  After i got home, i was sent to pick up Genghis grill which really isn't a take out food so that was difficult HOWEVER i popped on youtube to see this.

    So right after i made this post, i get to find out i'm half wrong -_-.  Professor Sycamore will NOT be giving us Fenniken, Froakie, or Chespin, but instead CHARMANDER BULBASAUR AND SQUIRTLE!!!!!!  DO YOU GUYS KNOW HOW EXCITING THIS IS??!!!  I literally yelled WOAAAH!!! and got a really weird look from my mom.  I am both really excited and kind of disappointed.  I was really looking forward to Fenniken but i can FINALLY have those originals again.  I chose Charmander in Leaf Green so i thing i might take Blastoise.  This solves my complaint about the number of fire types though XD.  The coolest news though made me scream in excitement as we can send our black and white pokemon up to X and Y!!!  I will pay a fee, i will do anything if it means i can preserve some of my favorite friends for all eternity.  
However, here's the complainty bits.  The Mega-evolutions.  As i said last post, i think evolving a 3rd evolution further is kind of ridiculous.  I've also got to say...Venusaur....looks a bit.....odd. I almost wish he
looked a bit more like the clone from the first movie.  That being said, it's not horrible.  Next we have Blastoise.  Now...I DO like the head shape.  It gives it a bit more of a menacing look.  However, the canons moving to the arms and making a third on it's back....just....something urks me.  This is where i am most sad though isCharizard.  Why am i sad ? BECAUSE I CANT HAVE IT!!!!  If i wanna start with something else i can't have this amazing dragon!!!  I really feel like this design is a beautiful one however the fact that he's STILL not dragon is a problem here.
    So guys i hope you enjoyed this quick update!  Sorry this is so thrown together i JUST found out about this and really wanted to share with all of you.  Also, if you glance to the right side bar, you'll see we've finally reached 2000 VIEWS!!!!!  I really hope to pick up the pace and show the world who i am so please, share and +1 and heck just recommend it to your friends!  Feel free to give me a shout-out or your thoughts on this fantastic news and all that great stuff i said earlier and i hope to see you all back here tomorrow!!!  <3