Tuesday, October 1, 2013


   So i now have 3 polls up!  If you are unable to see polls, the options are:
   What Kind of Posts?(select mutiple)
Short Daily posts
Long Occasional posts
Short Updates
Picture posts like 9/30

Would you like to see more gameplay videos and if so of what? (select multiple)
Maybe a few
 Clash of Heroes!
 Castle Crashers!
 Assassin's creed!
 Other-please submit ideas!

What color scheme should my blog be?  (pick one)
Pink or Red
Yellow or Orange
Silver or Gold
Other-please submit ideas

I do actually have 3 Spelunky videos already that i need to get uploaded.  Please vote!  IF EACH POLL RECEIVES 10 VOTES BY THE 15TH, I WILL DRAW A PERSONAL THANK YOU PICTURE AND MAYBE EVEN DO A LIVE STREAM OF ME DOING IT!!!!  So please vote on those you guys!  If you are unable to see the polls for whatever reason, post you choices in the comments or send them in to my email.  Please help this blog become famous and share and all that.  I have another post tonight with my fabulous outfit from today and maybe more girls state pics!