Wednesday, October 9, 2013


   Although Watson doesn't believe it, people do in fact have enemies and yes, arch enemies.  That or i'm a little more Sherlock than i think.  I have an arch enemy.  Her name is...unimportant.  My arch enemy ruined my first year of high school and caused 98% of all my troubles that year.  First, she stole my lunch table from me after she invited herself and her friends to it.  She even flirted with the boyfriend i had at the time.  I finally cast her away and was able to successfully avoid her for 3 years.
   Until today that is.    
   Today began well enough.  I got to show up every guy in my web design class with my web page which is nice seeing as most of the guys in there are the type that would have picked on me in middle school so HA!  However, today was supposed to be another day of fantastic fencing.  However, it was ruined.          Jeremy and i ran to the class to get first pick of swords only to realize our instructor was late....  No problem right?  That's when he walked in.  No one annoys me more than HIM.  "I thought he moved" i said, trying to hide the biter taste in my mouth.  "O, his spring break is earlier than ours."  Grrreeeeaaaattttt....  HE then turned to me and said "Oh, by the way, my friend said your going to kill her because like, i know she used to come to this class with you and hasn't been, but she's coming for me today!"  My friend has an off period the same time i have theater.  For the first few weeks or classes, she came with me and then stopped coming, instead going to my web design teacher's room.  However, today she was going to come to see HIM. problem.  We're friends, they're friends, it's fine.  I mean sure...i haven't had lunch with her in a few weeks since she got a boyfriend...but we're still friends!  She said maybe a total of 5 words to me in the entire class.  That aside, another friend came in.  She was coming to visit Dalty and it was fine.  Then, she walked in.  My arch enemy.  Even being in the same room makes my skin crawl.  
   No problem...i just wont talk to her...but where is the fencing teacher?  Apparently, she was running late so we all began to play mafia.  Where have you all heard that from before?  O right!  This post!  Today was exactly the same.  I one point, i made an accusation to which the girl who got my part called me well...exactly what she did in that other post.  I finally snapped back and essentially told her to lay to which she was about to start something until she was distracted by something else.  Why can't i have one game where i'm not told to shut up with a stupid stream of expletives before it?  I was going to sit out the next round until my friend's convinced me to play again.  However, even after multiple times of complaining about how i'm always mafia, one of my friends picked me as mafia!!!  I was so angry i let myself be voted out.
    Finally, the instructor arrived but friend #1, HIM, and my enemy decided they would take up 3 of the swords and of course, they weren't there last time so instead of getting to advance, we had to repeat everything from last class.  Not only that, but HE was being loud and distracting so we didn't get far.  Dalty decided to sit out with friend #2, so i had to switch partners.  Not to mention Jeremy is left handed so i had to switch everything and it was just a mess rather than fun.           
    So, what was going to be the highlight of my day turned into a disaster and ended up just making me depressed.  Sigh.  All my ranting aside...i'm going to settle down and watch some TV.  I am sort of writing some posts early and still working on the X and Y post.  Heck, i might even post it on the 11th just for fun.  I will talk to you guys tomorrow.  Don't forget to vote on the poll!!!  <3

UPDATE:  and, no, we don't have this kind of relationship