Friday, October 11, 2013

Pokemon X and Y hopes

    As the months have dwindled into weeks and the weeks finally into days, we are rapidly approaching the release of Pokemon's 6th generation games, X and Y.  I have a LOT to talk about with all this new information being released each  and every day and yes,this is all technically spoilers.  If you would like to avoid the SPOILERS i have already posted on this blog, then please avoid this post.  As of the LEAKED information, i will not be posting any pictures or going to in depth.  If i discussed a piece of leaked information, i will only have a link rather than the picture so i can save your little eyes.  NOTE:  None of the leaked information is confirmed!!!!!!!!
   Let's starts with game play mechanics then move onto story and pokemon.  NOTE:  I will not be recapping what i have discussed.  To learn about what i am referring to, read my other posts here, here, here, here, here, and finally, here.  This post will be exclusively for things that i have not seen confirmed that i would like to see in game.  I will be giving a lot of backstory and information on a lot of my points but i will BOLD where i get to the point (except on small entries which you can just read).

Walking Pokemon:
     This game is going to be the first Pokemon game on the 3DS system and in the new 3D art style.  As i
have discussed previously, it is not my favorite but i do like some of the amazing graphics such as character customization.  One thing i have not seen in the trailers that is extremely disappointing is the return of pokemon that can follow you.  In generation one, Pokemon Yellow, the game had your Pikachu following you the entire game.  In generation 4, a park was introduced in which your Pokemon could walk behind you and find items as a way to increase happiness.  Also, the DS remakes of Gold and Silver allowed your Pokemon to follow you the entire game!  Knowing that the DS had the capability, i had high hopes that Black and White would put in the feature but was sorely dissapointed.  The game had made all the over world sprites, the game looked like it totally could have, but so far, the only instance allowing a Pokemon to follow you is taking some lady's Mienshao for a walk.  So far, in the trailers, i have not seen Pokemon following the trainer and that makes me super sad.  I understand, the 3DS is a new platform and there is so much new stuff going on, including riding Pokemon, but this was one of my favorite features and i really hope it will return at least in part.
Pokeballs and Apricorns:    
     Having been raised on Gen II, i have a certain fondness for Apricorns and creating Pokeballs.  Although (as the JWittz has explicitly stated in this video) many of the balls were awful, they were so much fun to find and create!  The satisfaction of getting an apricorn, searching through my guide to see what it would be, and running to Kurt's only to have to wait for about a day to get the long awaited ball was a huge selling point for these games.  I hope that at the very least, we get to see some new Pokeballs and that they are pretty available.
Contests, Musicals, Movies, etc.
    One thing that made Gen III my favorite was the amazingness of the competitions.  I loved the idea of showing off my moves and getting ribbons for it.  I also LOVED making pokeblocks out of my berries i In Gen IV, it changed to include a dress up section and a button-mashing dance contest.  I LOVED this.  The ability to play with my friends without a link cable or adapter and see who had the prettier Pokemon was.  Around the same time, in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, the Pokeathlon was introduced.  This was a collection of mini games that i didn't play as much as i should have.  I always had trouble finding the arena so i would forget in time, but in general, it was really fun.  I am hoping the Mega Training proposed in Gen VI will be similar.  Finally, in Gen V we were given...Musicals.  The musicals used the same dress-up mechanic as Gen IV, but discarding all the move related aspects and including a simple press-button-to-dazzle-crowd thing that you get ONCE in the musical.  It was a total disappointment.  Luckily, in Black and White 2, we got the movies and man those were fun!  I wasted WAAAYYY to much time on those.  To get to the point, i want to see the return of the contests i so loved in Gen III and IV, the movies from Gen V, and i hope the training is similar to the Pokeathlon.
wasn't using to increase the Pokemon's skill.  This was SO MUCH FUN.  
Personalized sprites for moves like Fly, Surf, Cut, Etc.
    One thing about the previous games is no matter what pokemon you swim on, it looks like a tiny whale or something.  Fly is a generic bird even if you're riding a dragon.  This is a pretty common one, but i simply hope we get to see some special sprites so i'm really riding a lapras vs. a wailord.
Pokemon Amie and new evolution?
    One thing we were promised is a new form of evolution as used by Sylveon.  I really would like to see Pokemon-amie becomes either important to this or is at the very least a fun way to play with my Pokemon.
Riding Multiple Pokemon:
    It's already been confirmed that gogoat and it's pre-evolution are ridable.  This is super exciting.  One thing though.  Are pokemon like Rapidash and Girafarig and maybe even Keldo and Zebstrika rideable?  Will it be a new HM or an innate move or just a special thing like a bike?  I really hope older pokemon will also be rideable and i hope it wont take up a move slot.
The return of the VS seeker:
     One thing i liked in Gen 3 was the ability to go through an area and voluntarily re-battle people.  I hope this mechanic makes a return along with some other items i don't feel like listing.
Join Avenue:
      I really liked the Join Avenue feature implemented in B+W 2 and would really like to see it return but bigger and with more types of shops and perks etc.
A correct season system???:
   In B+W 2, the seasons are there but waaaay off.  Sometimes, when it was actually spring, it was spring in game.  Other times, it'd for some reason be winter.  I want one that is actually accurate or has a clear cut time in game.  Especially if you make season exclusive Pokemon.

Companions, Professor Sycamore, and your Mom:
    Pokemon always starts in your hometown where you have either a rival, a friend, or both.  This game has a total of...4?  5?  Geez i can't even remember. This makes me sincerely hope that either these characters serve a purpose and each has a clear personality that actually adds to the story.  I like Hugh in his search for his sister's Purrleion and Cheren and Bianca played a great role as a link from Black and White to their sequels.  As of the Prof, we know for sure he'll battle you which is cool, but i hope he will have a bit of a backstory?  One weird thing is i feel like the Professors re never really...explained.  Where do they live?  Do they have Pokemon of their own?  We know Oak had a grandson but what happened to his wife and kids?  Not just the prof either, but what about you?  Will we finally have a father?  Gen III introduced the idea of your father being a gym leader!  I haven't discussed it yet, but at some point i'll discuss my ideal Pokemon Game.  I would like to see a father or heck, maybe a single father?  That'd be a twist!!         
 Please let the LEAKS be fake:
    As you all know, i was semi-enthusiatic about the Pokemon as they were being revealed.  I thought a lot of designs were cute...however....i sincerely hope all these leaks are fake including those of the final evolutions.  If they are not...i am sorely disappointed.  I wont go in depth but i think i'll be taking Froakie and charmander rather than the Fenniken i love so much.  Sigh  
Well sized Pokedex:
    I'd like a Pokedex i can actually complete and that continues with the habitat feature it had in Black and White 2.  Hope with me children.
Gender differences:
   'Nuf said.
A fairy type gym:  
    I hope the fairy type is implemented well and won't disturb much of the gameplay and most of all, if they're going to include it, they should include a fairy type gym.  An interesting thing about the anime vs. the game is that there are multiple cities that have gyms so there aren't specific badges needec.  It'd be cool if you could pick and choose.  It'd also be cool to have some double battle gyms!  (i'm not a huge fan of triple or rotation battles.)
Capturing pokemon in double battle:
    One thing that's peeved me is the fact that in double grass, you for some reason can't aim at a single Pokemon even though ash was seen throwing multiple Pokeballs in the anime!!!  I really hope this is fixed and good lord the horde encounters.....
Team Flare:
    My original link between them and Team Rocket was shot down so that does make me sad although i like their angle seeing as they are in fact in France.  I simply hope that it has a good story line and is able to rival the amazingness that was team Plasma.  
A love interest!?!?!?!
     As i was talking about the ideal Pokemon game, one thing i've always wanted was the ability to fall in love.  I felt like it may have been very close to possible with N and i'd really like that to be possible.  With the Xtrasever, you could call people up and that's another thing!  I hope the Xtrasever has more options so people aren't saying the SAME thing over and over and over!!!!
  A more accessible daycare with a more clear breeding program:
     I've discussed before my feelings about Pokemon breeding and how i think it's really confusing.  I want a daycare that is not at the end of the game (i'm looking at you Black and White 2) and that makes it clear what Pokemon would breed well together.  Also, if there was some way to keep track of your progress at the daycare through some sort of app in the game on your whatever gear they give you, that would be sweet.  Maybe you could even call up the daycare people to check on them?
Actual weather conditions:
    When a pokemon uses rainy day or sunny day or hail or sandstorm, i'd like to actually see rain or sunshine or the storm.  In gen 3, when introduced, they showed it between each turn which was ok but then in B+W 2, it was only shown at the bottom!?  It'd be cool if it was actually going on the whole time.  Please?
Cool mythology and a tie in with other regions:
    One thing i love about Pokemon is the mythos of it all!  The legendaries tell a story of some past time and i sincerely hope that is continued in this story.  For me...Kyuurem made 0 sense. Reshiram? Sure got it!  Zekrom?  Cool!  Kyurem is somehow their shell or just a shell or.....wwwhhaaatttt?  I also kind of don't like the fact that it feels inconsistent so often.  So...Arceus is a Pokemon God...but all Pokemon came from Mew...and Mewtwo is a clone of Mew but for some reason higher on the Pokedex...and where exactly do the horses fall in??  They generally make sense in thier own regions, but as a whole just seem...seperated.  This might be an allusion to real myths and how they change and differ from place to place but i'd like a solid story!  Also, can we please have some acknowledgment that other regions exist??
Pokemon Z:
     After the strange departure from the normal set of two games and a 3rd to tie it up, Gamefreak has literally handed us a set begging for a 3rd.  With Xernius and Yvetal, there must be a Z Pokemon.  If you looked at the leaked page above you'd have seen what people are claiming to be the Z legendary and if that's the case i'm furious.  I think it looks just hideous especially in comparison to the beauty of Xernius and the coolness of Yvetal.  I also hope that that game won't just be straight out.  I felt like there was hardly any time between gens 5 and 6 so forgive me if im skeptical of quality...

   So, that's all i can think of off the top of my head and if i remember anything else, i'll be sure to add it!  Any suggestions or hopes of your own?!?  Put them in the comments!!  See you guys tomorrow!!  Maybe if i can get it to work i'll live stream me playing X?!?