Saturday, October 5, 2013

Solos and sadness

    I'd rather really just not talk about it.  Today was over all, a pretty big downer.  To cheer up, i had some Olive Garden for lunch and a cheesecake here at home as i watch Coulson kick some butt.  I know i planned to talk bout my life and music, but honestly, i'm too down.  Mainly, i just wanna snuggle up to some action movies and a cozy blanket with a soda and more cake.  Instead...let's talk about what i do on bad days!  I have a similar but shorter assortment of ideas here.

1.)  Put in good movies
        Generally, i default to Lord of the Rings, Tangled, Julie and Julia, A Good Year, or some superhero movie.  Why?  I pick something i know ends well.  The hero always wins, the battles are always epic, or the lines are always witty.  Pick your favorite movie or show or something and just sit back and relax.

2.) Have a drink and a snack
        Almost all anger can be exponentially worse if you haven't eaten.  The first thing to do is get some sort of healthy snack like cheese or some meat or protein.  I generally skip this step to go straight to junk food.  This isn't recommend but at lunch, i knew to get chicken so i had some protein.  I get my little soda or hot chocolate or sometimes even just a nice glass of ice water with a colorful straw.

3.) Talk about it/cry
       The number one problem i see a lot of people have is a strained relationship with their parents or friends and so they tend to bottle up emotions.  Some people think that hiding emotions makes them tougher or makes the feelings go away but the first thing i do is tell my mom or a friend who is willing to listen or you amazing people!  No one should have to suffer in silence for any reason.  Bottling that emotion up just makes you feel cluttered and icky inside.  Don't be scared to cry.  Look at yourself in the mirror as you cry.  Why? Because then you see how ridiculous you look and you cry more and can yell at the mirror like it's some person.  Get every last tear out and feel infinitely better.

4.) Play a game
       Although i DESPISE that game, i default to Spelunky.  In playing a game that frustrates me, it gives me a new channel to direct my pure fury and sadness.  I can blame the game and i can yell all my life's frustrations at it.  If this isn't your style, play something you're good at.  Sometimes, i play some Skyrim or Pokemon instead.  Maybe even play a board game with the family or with a friend.

5.)  Get on the internet
       Somewhere in the world there is one person feeling like you do.  There is surely SOMETHING to watch ("I Broke Star Trek" for example) or play (Tetris) or read (webcomics) that can cheer you up.  I also do my roleplay to escape

6.)  Something you love
       For me, it's writing and roleplaying, for you it might be drawing or playing a sport.  Go outside, take a breath, sit in the grass, go for a walk.  Read a book.  Write a blog post.  Do whatever suits your fancy.

7.)  Just breathe
      The worst part of feeling bad is when everything feels like it's compiling on you and squishing you into the ground.  Take a moment to just stop and think.  People like to say don't think about it.  I say do.  Find every reason exactly why you are upset.  Think about it all.  Count the times you've felt angry for the same reason and the best part is, think about how you got past it.  I'll admit when i was younger i had an extremely dark period where i contemplated some bad stuff, but what got me through it was remembering how i was a week before, a month before, a year before.  One mjor point for me was not having a boyfriend for 2 straight years going on 3.  So instead i thought of how i survived every day without one.  Just breathe and move on.

    That's really all i can think of at the moment.  My Spelunky video is uploading but i have this horrible feeling it wont be up until 1:00 a.m. MST.  When it is up, it'll be here so feel free to comment, like, etc.  I'm off to play a little Pokemon and relax.  See you all tomorrow hopefully for at least SOME X and Y hopes.  <3