Thursday, October 10, 2013

I choose you, dragon!

    Skyrim+Pokemon+Choir lesson=my day.  I played quite a bit of skyrim in the morning, then went to a choir lesson, and now i'm playing a bit of White 2.  The nice thing about playing it, is it reminds me of things to add to my hopes for X and Y.  I am working on that post but it's going pretty slowly.  Tomorrow, a group from school is coming to work on a project so my post will most likely be something interesting, maybe the one im sort of dabbling around about my character, Z.  I don't know.  I need to do a bit of work and such so i'll talk to you guys tomorrow!
     Also, about skyrim, i understand they don't want to have a million voice actors but having 50 guys with the same voice that all sound like Max from the Goofy Movies is kind of...weird.  Ya know what...let's talk a bit about skyrim!
     I really liked Oblivion when i began to play it a few years ago.  I liked the big, immersive world and the plot that the world was slowly going to hell and you had the power to save it.  I did feel overwhelmed by the number of sidequests though.  I never finished the game or even completed the first Oblivion gate because i accidentally killed a guy and felt bad (im ssuuuuper lawful good).  Then came Skyrim.  Skyrim has a nice set up for the quests so you can mark what you want to see on the map and what you don't.  However, i feel like Skyrim really pushes you to join the Dark Brotherhood or the Thieve's guild.  Being lawful good, i just want to save the world....
     I also feel like the story makes no sense.  The Dragonborn...can speak like a dragon?  Ok cool...and he uses it to...................kill dragons??  Um......why not to then then?  Learn from them?  Then it has this overlay of the Stormcloaks vs. the Imperials and honestly, i don't really like either side.  I hate the racist attitude of the Stormcloaks but i don't mind the idea of Talos.  The story for me...seems jumbled and lost so i spend almost all of my time doing sidequests and never getting father.
     Another thing i missed from Oblivion were the guilds.  I enjoyed the fighters guild and mages guild.  In both games, i play as a Breton and focus on magic, generally using light armor, one handed swords, and now in Skyrim, bows.  I was extremely dissapointed to discover almost everyone in Skyrim despises magic!!  I know the "Companions" were supposed to replace the fighters guild but...werewolves?  really?  You have to be a werewolf to do the quests?  In all honesty, i turned and have never once turned int a werewolf except the one time they make you.  It seems....silly.  The whole game's premise seems silly to me.  I like the game play, i like the game itself, but...the story is not NEARLY as immersive as other games.
       Want to watch me suck at Skyrim?  Vote on the poll!!  Otherwise, that's it for me today!  Night! <3