Thursday, November 28, 2013


   Each Thanksgiving, my mom wakes me up at 7.  I drag my comforter to the couch and plop as we start to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We have bacon and Pillsbury Orange Rolls and sit and watch it together, singing along to the Broadway songs we know.  We are the only ones in our family who really like it so we have a jolly-good time.  Then, my mom went off and my dad and i watched some Agents of Shield we are behind on. Then we always have family over.    However, each year we seem to amass more and more people to come to our feast and this year i think we had....15???  OMG the dishes mountain ;-;  One funny thing was i was sitting at the "kid's table" with my dad, sister, her fiance, and 2 of her friends with my cousin sitting in her own special spot behind us.  I was making a joke about today being the day Jesus sacrificed a turkey for...some reason and she said "I know what thanksgivin' is!"  And i said "uh huh?  What is it?"  "When the pilgrims had love-ely crops."  I giggled a bit.  My sister's friend asked "and who helped the pilgrims?"  My cousin looked at us and with a mouthful of food, nodded and replied rather matter-of-fact "Jesus."  I laughed to hard and had to excuse myself before i burst.  Finally, i'm alone with my computer and lot i suppose.
   What am i thankful for?  Well, although it's cliche', everything.  I'm happy to be alive.  I have my parents and siblings and my epic friends to thank for that.  And oddly enough, i can also thank Logan and Z.  They gave me hope and purpose and a personality of my own and have helped me beyond words.  I'm thankful for the internet (woot) and not living in times where there's like, the plague and stuff.  For TV, for a good family life and an awesome family, and for Pillsbury Orange Rolls.
    All cheesyness aside, here is some more cheesyness!  This is this years Thanksgiving Special as drawn entirely on Tuesday the 26th.  I had to edit some stuff out for spoilers sake.  Leave a comment if you dare to see the un-editted stuff!!  It's nothing major but a ad bit of spoilery talk.  Also, Chris's word bubble makes no sense as he was referring to what Sebastian and John were saying.  Remember, i had no reference as i drew this in class so if these outfits aren't historically accurate.......Meh. Technically, it's all spoilers but eh.  You should be used to this by now.  I was suprised!  You guys actually want to see these!  Also, sometime next week I'll finally post the final versions of everyone's Halloween costumes....yaaaaaaaa.

Z:  Happy Thanksgiving Lea
Lea:  *snerk* Same to you Jeremy.  You too Pablo
Chris:  That sounds AWESOME!!
Myra:  Hush
Pip:  Prrrrrrr
Jaz+Paul:  Nom Nom Nom
Guest stars Molly and Georgia:  hehehe
Joellen:  You're adorable!
Cody:  *Sigh*

    So i'm finally done for the night.  Imma get some pjs on, get in bed with my laptop and ds, and play some glorious Pokemon.  Once i finish i swear there will be a review.  So far, i'm...6 gyms in?  Also, i realised im really dumb and should have merged the 1st and 2nd Pokemon X videos into 1...but instead cause im dumb i'm putting 2 and 3 into one!  That'll be up...eventually!  As will spelunky!  O yes...Spelunky...*horrible flashbacks*
    I hope all you Americans had a wonderful tThanksgiving and everyone else had a wonderful day ^^  Night everyone!  <3