Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hunger Games Mach 2

     And so we begin again.  This week at Tech Trek, the girls will be doing another Hunger Games!  I don't know what I'll do outfit wise today....we'll see!  The day itself has been...meh.  Nothing to exciting really, which is kind of relaxing!  I drew a comic for Super SP, though!  I will upload the concept art I did later!   
I drew Super SP by hand then colored and lined over it in ink.  All the rest is drawn in pen--a medium I HATE using! 
Super SP
Super SP!
   Anyway!  Tonight will be another long night, with the Hunger Games ahead.  Last time was a blast!  I think for now, I'll take a little rest and maybe write some of my Assassin's Creed post.  But first, today's prompt!

Make a list of 5 positive things about yourself! <3 Make sure they are positive about you personally, and not just things that describe you. 

  • I'm pretty good with HTML and code
  • I'm good at picking up on things which helps me be able to talk about games and movies and shows I've never played/watched.
  • I'm good at creating stories and characters to entertain people
  • I will do anything to protect my friends
  • I....uh..............am getting better at not procrastinating!  
   And I will see all you lovely people tomorrow!  <3