Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lea and Logan Part 1 UPDATED

*Also, sorry guys who read this before 6:45 5/31/14, a few words went missing when pasting it over so it should be good now I hope.*

Lea and Logan
 (2012 ish)

            The sound of birds overhead woke me up from a sleep that seemed endless.  Cool, green grass brushed against my cheek.  I pushed myself onto my hands and looked myself over.  I was a girl…maybe…21?  22?  I…I can’t remember.  Good lord my boobs are giant….  All I had on was a plain, dirty, white shirt and a pair of torn jeans.  That was the first thing I remember.  I looked myself over, digging into my mind for some memory, some identification.  Where am I?  What is my name?  Who am I?  I dug in my pockets.  Maybe I have a wallet?  An ID?  Ug, only a wad of crinkled cash and a…playing card?  Weird… Why can I remember what those things are? 
Lea reboot outfit, one of my favorite drawings of all time
            “A-alright self…whoever I am….”  I looked at my forested surrounding.  Trees every inch and nothing but grass and green for what must have been miles.  I propped myself against a tree trunk and stared at my shoe-less feet.  “Ok…this is my voice.  Not bad…I speak English…ok good…must be in America!  AH-HA!  I remember geography!  Um…12 times 12 is 144 and stuff so math is good…uh…ok good.”  I smiled.  Obviously, I remembered the basics.  Now only if I remembered what mattered. 
            Just as I was starting to get up using a tree branch overhead, I heard a snap.  I turned fast.  Nothing.  I looked around the forest.  CRRRREEEAAAKKKK.  Metal?  In a forest?  I ran towards the sound, jumping over fallen logs.  After a bit, I ran to a paved road!  In the forest!!!  I got close then heard the creaking of metal again.  I dove behind a thick tree and peaked out, looking up and down the road.  To my right, there was a huge brick wall with a giant metal gate in the center and a small, bronze, circular plaque with an X in the center off to the side.  Standing at the gate was a man in a muscle shirt with black, weird as hell hair.  He had jeans and fancy shoes along with a huge belt buckle.  I saw something glint round his neck and slowly crept closer.  Maybe this weird stranger knew who I was. 
            As I got closer, I saw his head turn slightly towards me.  I instantly curled up and threw my hands over my face in a reaction.  He looked at me, or rather, through me.  He looked directly in my region and I could feel his eyes on me, but he saw nothing.  He turned back to the gate and began to walk through, but I had to follow him!  I moved my hands down and quickly snuck behind him.  SNAP.  A twig snapped under my foot and before I could even look down at my feet, the man swung his fist back into my face and once again threw me into the cold embrace of unconsciousness.
            When I woke up again, I was in a plain white room, a hospital maybe?  There were wires connected to my slender, slightly tanned arms.  How long was I out in the sun?  Do I have a house?  A job?  A family maybe?  Was there…anyone out there who knew me?  Speaking of out there, where is there?!  Where is here?!  Just as I began contemplating all these things, a beautiful woman with pure white hair and sparkling blue eyes walked into the room.  Her skin was dark and she was tall and beautiful, maybe in her late 20s.
            “Oh, you’re awake!”  She smiled.  Something inside me told me to run, and I listened.  I got up and instantly took off for the door.  My body took over as I did a flip over the woman.  I looked back as I was running and then at myself.  O-oh my god!  What had I done?!  I just did a flip!  Hell yes!  Maybe I was an acrobat!  Or a stunt woman!  I bet I was a ninja!  Then, SLAM!  I fell back and rubbed my head.
            “O-ow!”  I looked up at the wall I hit.  Of course…it was Mr. Funny Hair.  He glanced down at me half glaring.  I shrunk back and crawled backwards away from him.  The white-haired woman came to me and helped me up. 
I prefer the Wolverine and the
X-Men Forge to the original in
the comics
            “Logan!  Are you alright miss?”  I looked from her to the guy then back to her.  I was utterly speechless.  She looked me over then smiled gently.  “Come on.”  She led me to a large living room like place where tons of people of all sorts were sitting.  One had on this weird red visor while others sported strange sort of retro-style green and yellow or yellow and blue costumes.  I gasped when I saw two BLUE people.  They were literally blue and fuzzy!  Then there was also this HUGE buff guy in the corner, but he couldn’t have been over 20.  Just then a young man walked in the room.  In his hand he was polishing a greasy wrench.  He looked straight at me for a moment.  A pair of goggles sat all schweck on his head with his frizzy black hair. 
            “Who’s this?”  He smiled at me and wiped his gloved hand on his pants, then extended it to me.  “Hey.  I’m Forge.  Just found your powers huh?”  I stared at him vacantly and I’m sure I looked stupid, but slowly shook his hand.  He had a tight grip, almost cold.  He rubbed the back of his head and smiled adorably through his scruffy beard.
            “U-uh…h-hello…”  I muttered.  I looked around and then to the Brick wall.  He was leaning on the doorframe looking at me then away as if he couldn’t care less. 
            “So, what are your powers?”  Forge smiled.  I looked back to him as he let go of my hand and shoved the wrench in a belt pocket.  I cocked my head to the side. 
            “P-powers?  Um…”  He looked at me.
            “You are a mutant right?”
            “W-what’s…a mutant?”  He stared at me for a second then started to laugh and the others joined in.  I blushed brightly and shrunk away a little. 
“A mutant is…someone who has jumped ahead on the human evolutionary scale.  Someone who has special abilities or skills.  What is your power?”  I crept over to the corner slightly afraid now.  My hands hit a potted tree behind me.  I was surrounded by “mutants,” people who could probably have ended my life then and there.  The guy with the visor frowned at me angrily. 
            “Look!  Are you a mutant or not?  We won’t hurt you!”  He stepped closer.  I flung my hands in front of my face like I had before and clenched my eyes shut.  THUD! 
            “O-oh crap….Oh my god I’m sorry!”  The man I had followed in laughed. 
            “You got knocked down by a plant Summers?  That’s just weak!”  I looked in front of me. 
            A vine had sprouted from the plant and had knocked the visor guy down.  The vine was pure plant, no string, no illusions.  It was like a spiraling, tightly woven green rope, floating in mid- air. I moved my hand back and the vine followed, suspended in the air.  I stared in shock and began to move my hand around.  The vine followed my every twitch as if it were a puppet on a string.  My hands shook as I stared at them.
            “Cool!”  Forge ran up to me and looked me over.  He took my wrist and moved my arm about, having the vine follow.  “Fascinating!”  He was like a little kid.  He smiled at me and shook my hand.  The vine drooped back into the tree and disappeared into the leaves it had been before.   “Welcome to the X-Men!” 
            “That’s our group of mutants darling.”  Said the white haired woman.  “Now Forge, the poor girl has gone through enough today.  Tomorrow you can do the honor of showing her around.”  I smiled at him and he smiled back.
            “Sure!  I’d love to!  Um…g-goodnight Ororo….uh…sleep well.”  He blushed and rubbed the back of his head.  Ororo smiled at him then led me up a flight of stairs and into a huge bedroom.  A giant fluffy bed sat in the middle of the room with a few poofy feather pillows. 
            “T-thanks…”  I smiled at her.  Have I ever had a bed before?  I don’t think I have. 
            “No problem.  See you in the morning.”  With that, she walked out and shut the door behind her.  Out the window, I could see forest for miles and one puny tree inside the gated walls.  It was rather sad, that one little sapling.  Maybe with these new found abilities, I could do something about it.  I wondered if this place had been significant to me before.  No one here seemed to know me, so maybe not, but how did I get here?  Why this place for mutants?  Why?  My eyes slowly forced me to drift away to a restful sleep, in a soft bed, in a strange new world.