Friday, December 20, 2013

Last Day of School!! Secret Santa and Waffles!

   Man oh man was today fun ^^  This morning, i started off nice and slowly.  When i got to school, i didn't have any finals so my mom sent me off to Starbucks to get a giftcard for her friend and get her some coffee.  I felt like an agent on a super important mission since i snuck right past a cop!  Sneaky sneaky huh?    Well, once i got back i spent the rest of the class relaxing in my mom's room playing with Bilbo!  He went to school with us today!  We watched one of my favorite movies, Holiday Inn, and just relaxed.  The next class, i spent the entire time playing ERS, the card game.  I won a lot.
   The real fun was aftr school.  At the beginning of the month, we picked 2 names from a hat to give a secret santa gift to out of our group of 5!  Today, after school finished, we went to Bite of Belgium to exchange gifts and have waffles!  I got Camille and Joellen sooo i made them each a card and got them both Christmas Pez dispensers and a $15 itunes giftcard for joe and a scarf+fuzzy owl socks for Camille.  Here are the cards!

   Buuuutttt my friends are way more awesome than i am and got me way cooler stuff and i feel so bad :(  Myranda and Camille had me and they got meeeeeeeeee
From myranda:  Some marvel stickers, a wittle Iron Man ball, and a Munna that turns into a pokeball!!!  We have a new pack oening buddy guys!!  <3

From Camille: a darth vader mug+hot cocoa, a Loki charm to match my Mjolnir, fuzzy socks im wearing right now, a Pikachu sticker, and a Loki shirt!!!
    I have the best friends ever and i'm really sad this is our last secret Santa as a group.  Jaimi and Camille are going to the same college as me, but Myranda and Joellen won't be :(  Our friend, Ayrton, who did this with us last year and graduated,goes to a different college (luckily not far).  But, no matter what, we'll always remember the awesomeness that was today!  <3

Camille, Jaimi, Myra, and Joe!