Friday, March 14, 2014

Pi day and....White Day?

    Today was an interesting day.  Just for starters, for some reason today was hat day because next week is state testing so it is "put on your thinking cap day" which is admittedly dumb.  However, I wore a cute little white and navy hat and a sailor-like outfit to match!
    First off, I found of my Crime and Punishment project did better than the group that had my "mage" and was one of the highest in the class.  I also had a sub in 2nd period so I didn't have to turn in a study guide I forgot to do.  However the sub was...semi-sexist and made his....many political views very well know to the class which was.............interesting.
   Third period (web design) went alright.  My site's looking pretty good at this point!  Then, 4th period, seeing as today is Pi day, the amazing Melody made coconut cream pie--one of my favorites!  It was superb and the teacher let us spend half the class just enjoying our pi day pie.  However, then there was lunch.
   Jaimi and her bf always go off campus for lunch.  Today, Joellen and I decided to join them and all eat together.  Normally, another friend joins us only on Fridays.  However, as we were walking out, my heart sank.

     I have shared to this friend my feelings for that particular boy (who is supposedly single now) many times.  She has told me about him since they are friends.  But lately, something's been off.  One day after she came to eat with us, she was in my mom's room while the guy was being her T.A. and mom put it..."obscenely" flirting and playing cards with him, making him not do his work and all that.  Last Friday, they had gone to get Chinese food together.  I assumed it was because she saw Joellen and I had gone to get food with our bags and she assumed we weren't there.  Today though, we stopped at the same table we've eaten at for 4 years and finally left the cafeteria after much debating about where to eat.  Lo and behold, across the street, there they are walking to go get lunch together.  Maybe I'm just jealous, maybe I'm crazy, but it hurts that she has repeatedly let me talk about him and never once brought up if she had feeling for him or was dating him or anything.  I feel like I've been betrayed now by two friends in a matter of a month.  My other friends all agree it's odd and that she and I need to talk, but with only two people left at my table with me, I feel sick.  I lost my appetite and only ate later.
(Ok, back to good things now) 

  So, after all that, in 5th (my off period since I dropped theater) I spent in my mom's classroom playing on her iPhone.  Ironically, it was Jaimi's class sooo there were a lot of in jokes that she and I laughed way to hard at.  And now, 6th period as I write you my story.  I realized I never posted my Valentine's picture from this year so here it is!  Today is White Day in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China in which guys return the gift girls gave them on Valentine's Day and give girls chocolate instead!  Sooooo pretend it's still Valentine's day!!  This is of course the unfinished, uncolored project.  In the end, Lea's side will be white, she'll have a red orb, and her dress will be pink.  Z will be on a pale pink background with a red coat, white shirt, black pants, and a white orb in his hands.  Also....ignore his derpy thumb...I hate hands.        

   Thank you all for tuning in and see you all soon!!!  It's great to be back!  <3