Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Drawing my sadness away

   So...hi.  That last post was written 99% of the way through in 3rd period when i was in a nice mood.  Then i went to sing at La Posta for the Rotary Club still happy.  Then i read my texts.  In short, i will not be dressing up with Jaimi so essentially, yesterdays post is completely pointless now and you'll notice the poll is gone now.  I don't want to go into details but basically, i feel horrible.  I don't want to rant to you guys because i know you guys don't want to read me talking about how i feel chubby or like crying or yada yada.  In short, i've been more stressed these past few weeks than in a long time, mainly due to the Dante assignment, auditions for Beauty and the Beast as well as the upcoming ones for the big choir show on Tuesday, and finals week.  I honestly don't know if i even will go to that dance on Saturday.  I've been feeling over all very lonely and sort of...alienated from everyone else.  I love you guys for checking my blog and reading my dumb little rants and +1ing my stuff and all that.  You really brighten up my day when i look at that view count.  So, as a little gift, i present to you a thing i've been drawing for the past couple days.  I was going to work on my Nightmare Before Christmas themed Christmas special but my cat barfed on it so i have to redraw it ;-;

I see it as an angler fish in the sea.  Post what you see in the comments?