Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's!

   Hello everyone!  Ah, April Fool's day: the day of dumb pranks that get people hurt.  Well, even I fell into pranking last year and made this comic!  Sadly, it has too many spoilers to show you all, so i edited out the 2 that would spoil everything.  Of course, the stuff that isn't censored is 100% not what happens (I hope).  
Narrator Lea:  Hey everyone, I have an announcement to make about Me+Free.  I'm officially running out of ideas and time.  The comic has been running on nothing but my crazy mind for over 2 years and now, I'm just too busy to be focused on Me+Free.  With no time and no inspiration, I have to stop the comic.  I'm sorry to my loyal readers, but it would happen sooner or later.
In the end:  
Lea and Z parted ways due to Z's *CENSORED*
Lea lived the rest of her life like anyone else.  She married another man, took a mundane job as a store manager, and calmed with age.
Joellen and Cody married, had 5 children, and became successful engineers.
Jaz and Paul married, got rich, and lived a life of luxury.
The others had normal lives, extraordinary tales, and lived until they died.
Narrator Lea:  Thank you for reading and I'm sorry it had to end so abruptly.  Goodbye from me and the cast.  I love you guys.  So long.
Lea+Z:  April Fools!
Narator Lea:  Hey everyone!  April Fool!  Happy Easter, Mardi Gras, and St. Patrick's Day!  Keep tuning in!