Monday, July 14, 2014

Tech Trek Day 1 and 2!

   Hello hello my lovely readers!  Sorry it's been so long.  I've been so busy with friends and stuff.  Anyway, this week, the final week associated with YWIC began called Tech Trek with the girls staying on campus and going through a myriad of different classes from all the STEM programs!  Yesterday, I was too exhausted by the time I got home (9:00) so I didn't have time to write.  Yesterday, we met all 50+ girls!  SOOOOOO many.  Then, we took them around campus and to The Game for dinner which adventure.  Today, they began classes and it was up to Sofi and I to take pictures all across campus of them and their activities.  After taking Maddie home, I came back here and dinner tonight is Dublin's!  Yum!  Then there is a Capoeira demonstration tonight that I'm going to stay to see.  

    In the meantime, I am working on my Assassin's Creed post!  I will keep you all in the loop about that soooo keep your eyes peeled.  As of my Lootcrate video, I'm having a weird transition between the old and new laptop, so it might not even be up until I get my new one.  Sorry....In other news, I got a sweeeeet bracelet from Made With Code.  You get to decide what is says and the color and they print it on a 3D printer and ship it to you FREE!!!!!!!!  YOU KNOW I LOVE FREE!!!!  Mine says Lea ^^
Now for the prompt.  Describe(in detail)a favorite place?  It can be somewhere you have already been to, somewhere you feel comfortable at, or somewhere you want to go in the future.  Add a pic so we can see! 

     Well, my favorite place would have to be...Amariel, the world in our roleplay!  Jazmin and I have crafted a world full of elves, dwarves, orc and uruk-hai, humans, dùnedains, fey and nymphs, mutant humans, dragons, succubi and incubi, horse gods, necromancers and ghosts that walk the earth, and soooo much more.  This world has been my second home since 2009, when Jaz and I met.  It began with just Thief and Rahzel, but has grown to include a list of characters that we can hardly keep track of encompassing MANY word documents.  It now also involves Mate, one of my favorite characters, and has spurned song parodies, art from all different plots, and so much more.  

     Whenever I've had a bad day or want to cry, I can log into yahoo and escape here with Jazmin and become the characters I adore or the characters I hate!  It's great.  We even have a tentative map that Jazmin sketched up.  There are still a few things we're disputing, such as the side of the territories and some locations, plus we're missing a few labels, but here's at least an idea of it!  For example, Singaporan is waaaay beyond that to the east and the "unclaimed" area is actually much bigger and spans to the south.  We need to draw in the mountains to the North and in Bwaria and all that jazz. There are also islands much further west where many of Mate's plots take place.  I love our special land, where everything is epic and the characters are exciting.  Amariel is my happy place and everything I could ever want ^^  Thank you for enjoying it with me <3  

If you have any questions about my characters, world, mythos, or anything, feel free to send me an email or post a comment!!