Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Prom Queen?

    Hey everyone!  So, prom is on the way!  Of course, I'll be going with Jaimi and Joellen ^^.  Last year, for junior prom, I ran for prom princess with this poster.  I actually nearly won!  I like to go in as the sort of "totally ironic" candidate who no one would expect to run for court.  This year, I'm wondering what to do for my posters!  I was thinking of maybe drawing myself as Zelda with something to the effect of "help a princess turn to a queen" but Zelda being a princess is sort of a problem.  I can't think of any good queens in games!  I am also in a very Assassin's Creed mood and thought of doing something with an assassin's creed motif.  Maybe Chell from portal?  Last year, my original intention was to post a picture of me with all the nerdiest stuff I could find in my chell cosplay.  What do you guys think?!?  Any ideas are VERY welcome!!!!