Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 3,
   I seem to be somewhat alive, unsure how long that will last.  I ATE SO MUCH KOREAN FOOOOOODDDDDDDD Happy belly is happy.  Soooo i've almost finished programming my bag to play the Pokemon theme (like a baus of course) and im kinda satisfied with the art.  The Ring and my name got kinda distorted but i don't think an average person is gonna grab me and say "Hey!  You have a line above you T instead of 3 dots!  You have failed Elvish folk everywhere!"  However, if someone does, they get major props.  Also, got my+friend's app almoooost done (here's her blog ).  like dat close
|  |  <------THAT CLOSE!!  well kinda.  For now, our subject is top secret, our eyes only, very hush hush you know.  
   AAAANNNYYYWWWAAAYYYYYY what character from a book would i like to meet and what would i do with them?  Hehehehe weeeeeeeelllllllllllllllll......  As one or two of you know, my character Jeremy Marlow (Z), was based on Alexander from Vampire Kisses, so he wouldn't be a bad choice and i'll leave to your colorful imaginations what i would have in store for him.


  Did you think?  If you thought Videogames, ice cream, pizza, and snuggles, you'd be soooo very right.  Otherwise, if i was allowed to cheat all logic, i would say Jeremy himself.  HE'S IN A BOOK IT COUNTS!!  I seem shouty today...blame the Korean food.  But seriously, Z is my best friend and my closest character without even being real.  If i couldn't cheat, i'd also have to say maybe Marlow or Kurtz from Heart of Darkness so i could make him shut up about that stupid river.  I get it, it's a river, it's dark, symbolism OOOOOoooOOOOoooo.  I just realised his name is Marlow and Jeremy's last name.....yaaaaa Jeremy's named after the english poet, not that crazy guy.   There's also Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird or Georgia from the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, who are both riots and similar to me in a few ways.  I'll let you guess how. As with everyone else in the WORLD, Hogwarts would be great to visit, meet Neville and Ron and Hermione....i feel like im missing someone.....o yes!  Draco!  ^^  What would be Hogwarts without a Malfoy?  Aside from that....well i think i've covered it

O hai!  You read to the  end!  I'm so proud!!  As a gift, have a comic i drew on day 1 of me and Z ^^  For those of you wo don't know, my comic stars Lea, (me sorta) in about 6 or 7 years and Z along with an assortment of my friends. 

Lea:  Day 1, better than girl's state but still lacking in testosterone.  At least it's more techy.  Sigh I miss Z...
Z:  *whistling*  Leaaaaa I'm home!
Lea:  Z!! I'v missed you!
Z: *thought* It;s nice to be home...  *aloud*  I've missed you too!  How was camp?
Lea:  Terrible!  I like your haircut.
Z: I like yours
Lea: How was your trip?  Camp was terrible!
Z:  I can image.  How's the new one?
Lea;  Better!
Z:  Should i make waffles tomorrow?
Lea;  Is that even a question?
Z:  Haha I guess not