Thursday, May 29, 2014

Logan and I Part 1

Logan and I
(2009-2011 ish)
Lea's original outfit (2009)
            I awoke in a deep, green forest on a calm morning.  It was cool and I could softly hear birds chirping above me.  Stumbling towards a clearing, I saw a man walking by in a white work-out shirt and jeans.  He was muscular and his hair was very different.  The only thought that came to mind was 2 follow him.  My mind was vacant of any other ideas; in fact….my mind was vacant of anything really!  Maybe he knew where I was….who I was.  I managed to get ahead of him trying to see his face, but I noticed he had seen me.  I threw my hands over my face in protection as I cowered on the grass.  The strangest thing happened then, I noticed he was looking right past me.  I looked at my hands and saw that he had walked on as if nothing had happened.  I continued to follow him to a large gate surrounded by a brick wall.  I saw a small plaque shining on the brick wall.  I leaned in 2 try and make out the small words engraved into the round, bronze colored plate with a big X in the center.  Just then, I step on a twig and in a flash the man threw back his fists and knocked me into the darkness known as unconscious once more.
            When I woke up again, I was in a large white room on a bed.  Wires were attached to me and various equipment sat on a rolling side table.  As I sat up the door began to open.  A woman, maybe in her mid 20s, with long white hair and stunning blue eyes walked into the room. 
            “Hello, I see you’re awake.” She says. 
            I am awake…but who am I?  Well, incase you haven’t already realized, I AM a girl for starters, that I realized quickly.  But I couldn’t think of a single name, a memory, a status, anything.  Everything before awakening in the forest…was blank.  What had happened to me?  Who am I?  What is this place?  Nothing made sense, nothing came to mind.  I leapt over her to my own amazement and found my self running down a corridor full of busts and tapestries.  It felt natural to run, to be free.  Then, BOOM.  I crash into that man yet again and fell onto the carpeted floor.
            “Ow….”  I rued my head and looked up to see his familiar face.  He seemed unfazed as I slipped my legs beneath me and stood.  He seemed almost angry as I stepped back cautiously.
            The white haired woman suddenly grabs my arm from behind me and I squirmed to get free. 
            “Calm!  I do not wish 2 hurt you!” she says soothingly.  She had a lovely accent I was jealous of I’ll admit.  I stared at her and broke free with a burst of energy.  I looked from the man to her a few times.  I was trapped.  “Do u have a name?”  She asked sweetly.  I stopped.  A name…..hmm….
            The woman took my arm again gently and calmly led me to a large room at the end of the hall way as if she had done it thousands of times.  I began to think about myself.  What do I look like?  What is my name?  Who I am?  Am I even really awake or is this all just a bad dream?  Many questions begin to fly through my mind.  I was led inside where I saw a bunch of other people.  One had on this weird red visor while others sported strange sort of retro-style green and yellow or yellow and blue costumes.  I gasped when I saw two BLUE people.  They were literally blue!  Then there was also this HUGE buff guy in the corner.  He looked friendly I guess.  Just then a young man walked toward me.  I assumed he was in his mid or late 20s, maybe very early 30s.  I’m not good at determining ages of other people, especially since I don’t know my own age.  He smiled and extended his grease covered hand. 
Lea's little black dress
            “Hi. Forge’s the name.  Are you a mutant?”  I stared at him.  His hair was sort of spiked and he had a cute smile that seemed friendly enough.  “And what is your name?  We are all curious as to how u got past our defenses.”  Defenses?  Do they mean the guy?  “U already met Wolverine.” 
            I slowly look from him to the guy I followed in.  He was leaning against the door frame as if he could care less who I was or why I was here, I could tell he just wanted me gone. 
            “We are the X-Men.  You must be a mutant to have avoided being attacked by him a sec ago.”  Interrupted the man called Forge. 
            “What is a mutant?”
            He began to laugh and the others joined in.  I felt my cheeks get hot red. 
            “A mutant is…someone who has jumped ahead on the human evolutionary scale.  Someone who has special abilities or skills.  What is your power?”  I crept over to the corner slightly afraid now.  My hands hit a potted tree behind me.  I was surrounded by “mutants,” people who could probably have ended my life then and there.  The guy with the visor frowned at me angrily. 
            “Look!  Are you a mutant or not?  We won’t hurt u!”  He stepped closer.  I flung my hands in front of my face like I had before and clenched my eyes shut.  THUD! 
            “O-oh crap….Oh my god I’m sorry!”  The man I had followed in laughed. 
            “You got knocked down by a plant summers?  That’s just weak!”  I looked in front of me. 
            A vine had sprouted from the plant and had knocked the visor guy down.  The vine was pure plant, no string, no illusions. I moved my hand back and the vine followed, floating in the air.  I stared in shock and began to move my hand around.  The vine followed my every twitch as if it were a puppet on a string. 
            “Yep, she’s a mutie.  Just like us.”  I heard a girl say to someone in the crowd of people.  The blond girl looked at me. 
            “My name is Ororo darling.  Come on, you must be confused and exhausted.  Let me show you to your room.”  She led me upstairs to a room with a large bed and plenty of room for anyone.  I felt like she was trust worthy so I didn’t fight her again.  Had I ever had a bedroom before?  It felt like I hadn’t.  After some exploring and learning about where I was, along with practicing my new found plant-y powers, I soon decided sleep was a good option and let myself drift off in the soft bed. 
            The next morning, as I walked into the main room, (the one at the very entrance ya know?) everyone was there again.  They had already been talking for a while I could tell.  Forge looked at the man he had called the Wolverine. 
            “Hey…Wolverine…why don’t u take her with u to talk 2 Warren?  Maybe she can stop u from killing him this time.”  I gulped as the Wolverine snarled and then I saw something strange.  Three metal…what appeared to be claws, jut out from his knuckles and up 2 Forge’s throat.  I gasped and I heard a girl shout,
            “Wolverine!  Put em away!  Ur scaring her!”
            “N-no….they are…beautiful.”  I stammered.  He saw me in the doorframe and pulled them in.  He snarled and walked out of the room.  Forge nodded for me to follow.  I liked that Forge guy…but what was up with his arm and his leg?!
            I ran after Wolverine through the doors.  He looked at me then forward again.       “You got a name kid?”  His voice was strong and almost emotionless. I looked over at him and blushed. 
            “Um…”  I stammered.  He just continued looking ahead and walking looking un-impressed and slightly annoyed. 
Another awful attempt at dresses
            “What, you forgot?”  I looked down.  It was true.  Then his eyes changed.  I saw a flash of understanding cross his face then disappear in a blink of an eye. 
            “You don’t remember…do you?”  I shook my head.
            “I just wake up in a forest, find you, and end up here….with a black eye.”  I turn again to look at him sarcastically.  He seems unfazed again, but there is a gentler touch 2 him than before.  He looked forward intently and I followed behind him.
            “So, what are we gonna call you?  We can’t just say you all the time.  Well, I can, I do that anyway,
but the others are so picky.”  I paused.  I search for a name.  One I know.  One I will remember forever.  One came to mind. 
            “Leanasta.”  WTF mind?!  Leanasta?  Really? 
            “What?  Where did u get that?”
            “Um…You can call me…Chameleon…or um…Lea...I guess.”  I had been told of how each “X-Man” has a real name and their mission name, so there was mine…ready to go after I magically hid from the Wolverine.  Wow mind….just wow.  He could see my confusion and he returned the look.  “I…don’t have a last name though…”  He looked away then. 
            “Then you are not alone.”
            He never looked at me but at his hands. 
            “So,” I say after a moment’s silence.  “I’m…a mutant?”  He looked at me in confusion and irritation. 
            “Yes, of course you are a mutant, I’m a mutant, heck, we’re all mutants here!  That’s why we’re here.  A man named Charles Xavier, the headmaster and leader of the X-Men formed the school before I got here…”  I stared at him, intrigued. 
            “You don’t seem like a social or group kind of person.”  I said with maybe a little to much interest.  He looked at me. 
            “I came to find my past.”  I looked forward and blushed again. 
            “W-what do I look like?”  He sighed and looked at me. 
            “Look kid, I’m only bringing u so Forge won’t go off and make some sort of magnet.  Now just shut up and come on would ya?”  I had no clue what he was talking about.


There you have it my lovely people.  The first segment of Logan and I as it appears.  I hate it...I hate it so much...But I love you guys so you get to see my suffering!  Everyone starts somewhere and no one should be ashamed of having a simple start!  Check back tomorrow to see the 2012 version!