Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Z!

Valentine's special 2012
    Before the night ends, a happy birthday to my wonderful boy, Z.  Although he isn't real, he has helped me find myself and find an outlet for all my thoughts.  Z is perfect in his imperfections and i will love him always <3
    "Thank you Jeremy "Z" Marlow for being my co-star in comic and being a wonderful sport with all the awful torments i've put you through in it. Happy 8th birthday
                 -Your Eponine, Your Christine,
                  Your Lea"

(lol that makes you think doesn't it??  You'll have to read the comic to understand!  Don't forget to vote on that poll if you want to know more about the amazing Z and my comic!)  Also, check back tomorrow for info on how today went!  TTYL!  <3