Sunday, September 22, 2013

Elysium and fun stuffs

    Hey guys!  Right after i posted, we ended up going to the movie early.  I don't feel like doing a big long review but basically, it was ok.  The movie's graphics and atmosphere were very reminiscent of District 9 (A.K.A. Metamorphosis for new generation) which was really nice.  I liked the actors, i liked the over all look, and the graphics were pretty good.  The only thing that was weird were well...spoiler?  A lot of people explode and the explosions look both..real and fake at the same time....?  I can't really explained they just looked weird.  The writting wasn't spectacular but it felt real and nothing felt...out of place.  There were a couple good lines but not a lot.  As of the plot and the events, it was pretty predictable but well done.  I would recommend seeing it but it's not one i'll be buying or needing to see for a while.
   Afterwards, on my way home, i heard the amazing song Counting Stars which i recommended here.  This song actually really well fits the multiple parallel worlds and personalities the characters of the roleplay i do have to go through.  I actually sanctioned out who sang what part focusing on Thief and his wife Rahzel with Mate and her fiance Koen.  I'll post the full version tomorrow maybe because i don't want this post to be ridiculously long.  After that i went to Nonnie's for burgers and now i'm home happily typing away.  Also, i just remembered today months later that this video was posted on youtube so if you want to see more pics from YWIC, they're right here!!  Also, at 1:26 that's the walks cycle created by Stephanie for our video..  The character walking is actually Mate!!  One day i'll figure out how to post that here i swear.  To read more about my experiences with camp, check here and here.  For now, enjoy you guys!