Friday, September 6, 2013

Bilbo Baggins

    So, today began as boring as any other day.  I went to school, i went to class, played whack a cat girl, yada yada yada.  However, today is the day my mother and i are supposed to go swimming.  As we walked out to her car we heard a strange high pitched sound coming from the woodpile the FFA uses.  The woodpile consists of huge chunks of wood that overlap.  We looked in as 2 other teachers came over and told us they thought a kitten was inside!  We looked and made sounds to it and he mewed and cried until we finally found the adorable little guy.  It turns out my mother heard him this morning but had hoped it was just bird seeing as we already have 2 cats and a dog.  We scooped up the little guy and i adorably asked mom if we could at the very least help him.  We looked for a mother or other kittens and didn't find any and set out on an adventure.  First, we stopped at the vet to ask for formula which they didn't have any of.  Next, we went to my sister's house to ask her if she wanted him but she said she would have to ask her fiance.  Then, the 3 of us went to Petco and i held him while they bought the formula and bottle.  I fed him and we then set off to let my grandmother see him.  We thought she'd just see him and say "aw he's cute but we have 2 pets already" but to our surprise she scooped him up and carried him inside to show him to her cat.  Her dog though, a Yorkie with multiple health problems and is nearly my age, was the most excited to see him.  Frag (fr-a (like apple)-jh) cleaned the little one thoroughly and was the most energetic i've seen him since we got their cat, Domino.  Frag was ecstatic and it was hilarious to see him so happy.
    However, we then returned to Connie's house only to discover that my sister's fiance didn't want him.  For now, we're feeding him and caring for him but tomorrow i'm taking him with me to my grandmother's house.  This means we've basically sealed the deal with them which is amazing.  This little guy was wandering about all over me as we drove around and was very vocal and a reluctant adventurer so i have named him Bilbo (which goes wonderfully with my cats Merry and Pippin).  He's about 3 weeks old with his eyes just barely open and he might be blind in his right eye.  Anyway, here have some pictures!!