Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Birthday moum!!

   Today was my mom's b-day as well as the day we took our little friend to school with us.  Seeing as Bilbo has to eat every 4 hours, we have to (at least for this week) take him to school with us and hide him under my mother's desk in his crate.  Amazingly, he slept until the last class period and was nice and quiet.  After school, we went to my grandmothers to have dinner and cake and let Frag see his little friend again.  Now, sadly, it's time for Homework so i dont have time to talk :(  Sorry everyone.  On a final note, i am kinda upset that NO ONE has voted on the poll .  My parents and i talked about it and if i don't have any votes by the end of the month, i'll put up an ad.  Please vote if you want your opinion heard because that poll has been up for over a month without a single vote.  Anyway, ranting aside, i'm off to do homework.  Night everyone  Enjoy this picture of the fabulous Ezio.