Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Fantasies

     A lot of people i notice are doing TMI Tuesday.  Most of theirs are pretty vulgar though so today i thought i'd tell you about myself but something cute instead.  Today, i'll talk about my wedding fantasies, my girly side, my videogames and guilty pleasures, and other fun stuff in a serious of small confessions.  Guys, feel free to skip the girly stuff but honestly it's not all that girly and you're all the more manly for reading it ;)  Be sure to at the very least read the closing statements of the last paragraph.
    As a kid, i never had wedding fantasies where as most girls were talking about their families and what sort of dress they wanted.  During my tomboy stage i didn't like the idea of a wedding however i imagined myself married to Seto Kaiba or Vegeta or any character i was particularly interested in.  Now however, after growing up a bit, i've realized a few things.  What is my fantasy?
   I want to be proposed to with a Pokeball and Nenya as my engagement ring (or Aragorn's ring).  I want my wedding itself to be elvish themed and very earthy.  After that, i want the reception to be Sleeping Beauty themed along with tastefully nerdy references scattered about.  I want to dance with a man who is willing to wear puffy sleeves and waltz to the Sleeping Beauty Waltz as our first song and use lighting to make my dress appear to change colors.  I may also ask either my bridesmaids or flower girls and maybe also the groomsmen to wear red, green, and blue to be the fairies.   Why share this with you?  Well after dress shopping with my sister seeing as both my sisters are marrying next year, i let my inner girl out and decided to share with you all.  Honestly, i still haven't had my first kiss.  It's been 3 years since my last boyfriend and i get overly jealous of my friends when they're dating and i'm not.
   You all know me as a Pokemon loving, Spelunky playing, X-Men fan-fiction writin' nerd, but that doesn't mean i'm not a girl.  I like dresses;  in the words of Youngster Ben and a Lady in Humilau City"they're comfy and easy to wear."  I like accessories even if i only wear my necklace.  I liked barbies (although they often married my power rangers) and my little ponies back in the day when they were still obese and crappy looking and weren't toys for college guys....  I love princess movies and Disney stuff and i might even be going to see Disney on Ice: Rockin' Ever After next week.
   My "guilty pleasure" i guess you could say is playing a game as small and crappy as Spelunky when everyone else is playing Skyrim or maybe listening to...(please don't kill me) Katy Perry and i don't hate 1 Direction.  I think they're music is cute and fun.  What do i think of the band?  I couldn't care less.  What do i think of the die-hard fans?  Crazy as hell.  I've probably put twice as much time into Spelunky and Clash of Heroes as Skyrim or Oblivion. I act like a gamer although i've never beaten the vast majority of my games aside from Assassin's Creed.  I fully intend on dressing up as a pirate to buy Black Flag.  I have a full Chell cosplay in my closet that i wore to sing "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons at the school concert last year.  I may be dressing up as Link from Legend of Zelda for Halloween.  I have never seen a horror movie or read a horror story.  I used to have a mini-crush on Darth Maul (god knows why).
   I am extremely lazy and would rather watch people play games on Youtube than get up and do anything.  I  probably own only 50ish video games (most of which are Pokemon related) for my 6 systems (not including little kid computer games).  Speaking of little kid computer games, Barbie Ice Skating was and still is a fun
game.  I don't play Animal Crossing because i feel guilty for leaving the town for too long.  I will probably never play most of the amazing video games out there.  Although people think i'm a die-hard nerd who does her homework every night, i am the queen of procrastination and hate homework and school work in general.  I sometimes play Tetris instead of working.  I love Tetris.
    I get overly sensitive over a lot of things.  When i'm upset, i often make myself more upset by bringing up to myself how i'm still single and how i think guys hate me.  I don't believe in/understand "the friend zone" because i'd rather have guys be my friends first rather tan coming out of the blue.  I wish Pokemon had the ability to have relationships like an RPG.  I have unrealistic dreams of getting Marvel to publish a cannon Lea comic, working for Nintendo or Gamefreak, and playing Eponine in Les Miserables on Broadway.  I often (like right now) write this blog instead of doing homework or something useful.
    Ok that's enough for today guys!!  I hope you learned something about me and maybe even feel the same about somethings.  Tonight i have a choir concert so that should be fun..o and tomorrow i get my first cavity filled :(  I'm terrified.  Also, you guys have only 6 more days to vote on that poll!!  If no one has voted against it by Oct 1st, i will be putting an ad on this page and not listening to negative criticism about it.  Beginning in October, i'll put up a new poll about if you all would like to see more videos like this one except with my actually good video camera and better audio and what sort of games you'd like to see me play/how much.  Next week is homecoming and each day has a theme!
Monday-High Roller (dress up)
Tuesday-Rockband day (band shirts)
Wednesday-Wii Fit (exercise clothes)
Thursday- Nerd day (which is offensive)
Friday- Red and Blue day
   Just like the second week of this blog, i'll be posting pictures of my outfit!  Later this week i hope to post some senior pics.  This weekend, unless new news s revealed, I WILL FINALLY BE DOING MY X ANY Y HOPES POST!!!!  I'll try to get stuff up like i promise but as i say, i'm lazy.  I'm glad you all tuned in and i hope you enjoyed a nice long post!  See you all tomorrow!!!  <3