Thursday, September 12, 2013

Woah now....

Deeennnmaaarrrkkkk yall ok?  For some reason my second Bilbo and Hastings post, which has nothing funny and is literally a paragraph, suddenly has over 150 views which is about half as much as Spelunky?  Plus, at the same time, i've had a GIANT spike in viewers from Denmark???  Um....calm down there guys...i have funnier stuff i promise!!!  (But whatever it takes to get readers i guess....)

Also, today i'm wearing a skirt and was sitting in math, minding my own calculated business when i cut my leg on a piece of exposed metal of the chair.  I went to my mom's room to get some Neosporin and MEANT to say "Ya, i don't want to get tetanus" but what i SAID was "Ya, i don't want to get Tetris."  ....Does that man you like....bleed tetris pieces?  I...I really don't know guys.....but if you like tetris i have an account on this site so friend me and i'm game for a match of tetris!!!  Talk to you all tonight for some big news and exciting stuff!!  <3