Thursday, September 26, 2013

Adventures with Lea: Cavities and Creativity

     Hello guys sorry i couldn't post yesterday!  I was super busy but i have a nice recap of what happened for you guys.  Yesterday i had my first ever cavity filled and decided to do a small experiment where i stayed as awake and conscious as I could to explain to people the feelings I felt and to distract myself from what was happening.  Consider this a guide to people who are getting their first cavity done and are scared and would like some tips or for people who are like me who have never had to have one done and want to know what it’s like.  Plus, it’s illustrated on my laptop by hand in MS paint during a study hall class without a mouse!!!!
pretend that blob is me with the grey "aura"
   I was asked if I needed laughing gas and numbing.  I said yes to being numbed but didn’t really know about the gas.  I assume what they gave me wasn’t laughing gas seeing as I didn’t find anything funny.  They put me back with this weird nose cover on and pumped in whatever sort of gas it was.  The gas was…interesting.  It had a sort of texture if that makes any sense: like breathing in tiny grains of sand that smelled funny.  I opted to close my eyes so I didn’t see what was going on and at first felt no real effect.  I thought of my roleplay and tried to calm myself.  Soon though, even thinking about that seemed difficult.  Everything eventually went dark but still lightish with the glaring of the overhead light and I’ll try to explain everything else to the best of my ability.  First, I basically saw myself in the space as a dark figure.  From me came a sort of granular white-ish grey aura that floated about an inch above me.  The only thing I could really hear was the sound of the gas machine and the nurses (doctors?  Dentists?  I don’t know terminology don’t blame me) talking (mostly in
The ball of darkness thingy

    At this point, the image with the aura seemed to go into a ball and vibrate in small motions in a diagonal pattern from top left to bottom right.  The grey aura followed it mixed with a bit of yellow assumedly from the light.  The orb slowly expanded and I felt 2 more form on each of my cheeks.  The orbs sort of formed a dome of darkness around me from my forehead to my cheek/nose.  Then I felt as if I was spinning clockwise feet first for a while.  At first, i felt very light with the grey-ish aura but soon began to feel very heavy as if I couldn't move.  Finally, I stopped spinning back into my position and let me say this doesn't feel like the kind of spinning that makes you want to puke
The darkness over my cheeks+forhead
and more like a slow ride on a Disney teacup (but who goes slow on those things?  It’s all abut spinning till you feel like you want to die!)  Once I stopped, I could tell the rest of the room was still there seeing as I was spatially aware, but it was all dark because of the little dark dome over my eyes.  This is where I started to lose track of time.  It had felt already like 30 minutes and I was seriously considering taking a nap.  I decided to test if I was actually still in my own body by moving one hand, one foot, the other foot, and the
other hand in that order on command and was able to but felt…weird as if I could see it even in the dark.  I also felt cold on half my body but I think that was just because the office itself was cold in general and I for some reason didn’t wear a coat like a fool.  Although it had felt like 30 minutes already, it was probably more around 5 or 10 seeing as they hadn’t even started the treatment yet.
            Finally, the dentists started to work.  Now, I do suggest that you do NOT take a nap seeing as they will ask you questions.  At one point, when testing my hands and feet, they asked if I was alright because I probably looked ridiculous twitching all over the place.  I was somehow awake enough to nod and such to tell them I wasn’t having a seizure and was just derping about in my mind place.  Here, they grabbed my gums or whatever they did and inserted a needle to numb me.  This is precisely why I wasn’t looking but I could still feel it because I, (like Goku) hate needles.  It didn’t “hurt” per say but felt really weird.  It felt like the needle was going in way past my gums deep into my mouth and that then my gums became a sort of mountain.  The needle seemed to go all the way through and into my mouth and then out slowly.  It was the most uncomfortable moment during the whole thing but after it, it was pretty much ok.  I zoned out to listen to the machine and myself talking to avoid the sound of the tools. 
I can't do 3D space guys....i...i cant.  And i have way too many teeth...
            Worried about the drilling?  Well really, it feels like when they use cold water on your teeth except almost inside them.  It was uncomfortable but my body felt so helpless I felt sort of powerless against it.  Now, normally, I resist any sort of situation in which I feel powerless due to fear of something bad happening but either the gas or just my own subconscious seemed to make it not seem like a big deal.  I just let them do what they had to do and let myself relax.  What do I suggest if you’re scared of this part?  Well this would be an ok time to nap although they did ask me if I was feeling nauseous which leads me to assume some people might.  I, however, felt fine.  Otherwise, talk to yourself.  I found it difficult to focus on my roleplay so I instead repeated to myself each experience so I could remember what to write for you all.  Perhaps try thinking of a song in your head or what you’re going to do after or just ease into the sound of the air rather than the drill. 
            I had no real sense of time so I’m not sure how long this phase lasted but when they finally told me to start to waking up, it was about 45 minutes after I had come to the office.  They gave me a few minutes to sit there and wake up before I had to go to the front desk to finish up.  The numbed part of my mouth felt weird but I could still talk and actually even sing (poorly).  I was even awake enough to write the notes into my phone and take some picture for you guys!  I couldn’t really feel that part of my mouth (or my nose for that matter) for the rest of the day.  By the last class I looked almost all the way normal and seemed fine but I was a little peeved that I gave a presentation in my 2nd class with my face still derpy.  Also, worst feeling ever is knowing your nose is stuffed but not being able to blow your nose because your nose is numb.  It sucks. 

           After school, i went to Hobby Lobby to get stuff for my Link cosplay.  I got gold chain and fabric,
some faux leather and boxes for my item pouches, and a Wolverine PEZ dispenser.  I like it cause when i eat the PEZ i feel like a vampire ^^.  I love PEZ.  I love them.  So much.    
            So that’s really it for my experience!!  That was a ridiculous amount to try and explain.  Tonight I also have an award ceremony for my school for having above a 3.5 GPA like we do every year so I hope these long posts with alliterated titles make up for my missing days!  You guys know I love yall and I hope to be productive and get posts up for you all.  I think at the beginning of October I’ll have 3 polls: 1 about doing videos, 1 about color schemes, and the last about long posts sometimes vs. short posts everyday!  I think i may do some incentive award such as "if i get at least 10 votes on each poll, i'll post something super cool" that i'll figure out later.  Also, if I get to 5,000 views, I will do a draw my life video!!  Most people do it at 50 K subscribers but I doubt that is in my near future so…tell your friends about this page!  Share, +1, vote, comment, all that great stuff if you like my content!  Don’t forget to follow my blog to see when I update!!  <3                   

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Taken in the choir room ^^