Saturday, September 7, 2013

Little Bilbo and Hastings

     Look who just got fed.  Everyone say hi to the newest addition to my family, little Bilbo Baggins.  Yesterday, we thought my grandparents would take him however the instant my father saw him, he was ours.  I'm actually staying the weekend at my grandparent's and had to bring the little guy with me.  I tried to get a video of him but it didn't work, sorry.  Today i'm staying here at my grandparents and began by driving myself and the little one over to my Grandparent's for the weekend.  Next, my grandmother and i ventured for to Hastings to get a movie to watch and i decided they needed to see Iron Man 1 and 2.  While there i actually found a bunch of Portal 2 stuff that was the same price as on think geek.  I didn't buy any this time but instead got the solar strike deck of Pokemon Cards at Walmart that in a few minutes i'll load in and try them out online.  Most exciting though was discovering my first ever yarn-bomb.  Don't know what a yarn-bomb is?  Check out the Game Theory video below.  I saw it right outside of Hastings and even snapped a picture for you guys.  I'm about to settle in and watch the movies and all that.  So have some pictures and stuff!!
Companion Cube ice Cubes i almost bought at Hastings
Mom feeding Bilbo yesterday

More Bilbo

The beginning of a yarn bomb!!!