Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'm so boring -_-

   Hey everyone just thought i'd pop in to say no i'm not dead but just packed under a mile of homework so nothing is really happening today.  HOWEVER!  I have acquired a few videos and pictures for tomorrow's post on X and Y but for some reason i couldn't find all the coro coro scans i was looking for.  I'll try to talk about everything i can get and remember but if i sip over something i'm sorry!!!!  So anyway, that's it for me today. Bye guys!

 UPDATE:  O i made a list of everything to talk about tomorrow and my gosh it's a lot.  I think i may divide it into 2 sections: facts and hopes.  The first will be a list of everything tat has already been comfirmed and my thoughts on it which in and of itself is going to be a tremendously long post.  The next will be a few hopes i have for the game based on what i've seen and haven't seen.  I hope to put up the facts tomorrow and hopes within the week.   Would you guys like that?