Sunday, September 8, 2013

Um....Bilbo and hastings part 2?

   Today was a nice slow and sluggish day where basically the only thing i've done has been feeding the little Hobbit and returning to Hastings where i discovered they have a THINK GEEK SECTION!!!  They have a whole section of Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, and John Wayne and other assorted paraphernalia.  I know where iiii'mmmm shooppiiiinnggggg.  I rented the Hobbit for tonight so i can show the little one his name sake.  Maybe i'll take a picture for you guys tonight.  I don't know.  Can you tell i am elated by this kitten?  Is it too much?  I'm sorry it's been kinda boring lately, i'll try to do the X and Y hopes by next Sunday.  I would really like to hear any theories or hopes you guys have!  You can put them in anonymously as well (i think) by writing in or commenting.  If you guys submit something for the X and Y post that i think is a super cool idea, i'll be sure to put it on there with credit to you.  Here and here are the first 2 parts of the Pokemon X and Y news if you want to get caught up first.  You're always welcome to submit things you would like me to talk about or answer and all that great stuff.  Again, a direct link to my email is here.  Talk to you all later! <3