Monday, September 30, 2013

Homecoming day 1: Monopoly Monday

    Hello hello everyone!  If you take a gander at that there title, you'll see it's homecoming week meaning each day is a new theme.  Today was Monopoly Monday but that's not the most important thing.  Noooo you see today was rather hectic and odd.  In the morning. my mother realized it was the last day to turn in senior picture.  I had to
   1.)  Have my grandmother drive me to school
   2.)  Get mom's keys and drive home
   3.)  Find our photo album to get a childhood picture of me
   4.)  Find my laptop and charger and an unused CD
   5.)  Put on some pantyhose and a coat cause it was way colder than i expected
   6.)  Return to school, pick the picture, burn it to the disk, and watch as mom picked a humiliating childhood pic
   7.)  Run to the yearbook room only to find out she had a class
   8.)  Return between my 3rd and 4th class to give her pictures
   So......that was fun.  At lunch, my friends and i were all dressed up so we took some pictures for you guys!  I'll post my outfit everyday!  When i got home though, i finally received a package i've waited for since June: my girls' state stuff.  I ordered a picture and CD of all the girls' state picture and the power point so you guys might get to see some of those!  In fact, i have 2 for you today!  This will be a very picture-y week, but you guys seem to like that!  Onward!

Couldn't get it to flip -_-

full outfit
Jeremy, Myranda, myself, and Joellen all looking rather dapper.
Also, it looks like that plant is coming out of my head...

Although i hated Girls State, i loved these girls.  We were put into cities and this was mine.  From left to right we have in circle, our wonderful councilers Dorothy, Yuri, and Jamie.
In the boxes are the girls who really became my best of friends with Deanna in the top left going to Nina in the bottom left, then Taylor, myself, and my epic room mate Erica who was generous enough to buy me sheets and put up with my stupid sleep schedule.  

And then EVERYONE!!!  You'll notice my friends Stephanie (from Ywic!) and Darci off to the left and the rest of us in the middle.  
      If any of you are some Girls state girls i forgot to mention, it's truly just because i've stayed most in contact with these girls.  Feel free to contact me because i'd love to hear from you all again!  Although Girls State was stressful, tiring, and over all rather depressing for me, these friends made that experience worth something and i love you guys so much <3  

   Thanks everyone for reading and i'm sure you'll be seeing more of these as i actually look at the pictures XD  Night!!!