Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dresses and driving

    Yesterday i forced myself awake at 8 so i could spend an hour getting ready for the day.  I showered, picked some outfits, and fancied up which i never really do.  Once my sister came, it was off to my school to get some senior pics.  That's when we realized we had left the camera at home.  We drove all the way back and then to the school again.  We tried to take some pictures but the sun was right in my eyes and we then went to the botanical gardens not far away.  We got a ridiculous number of good pictures that i have to decide between and man is it going to be hard.  We then went to a building with a small pond that normally has more water but only had a tiny bit and took some pictures.  We got a small lunch from Sonic then looked at the pictures on her laptop and realized it was going to be a really hard decision.
     Next, we picked up all of her friends in my mom's pilot and headed for the bridal shop in a town about an hour away.  We ate at a place called Crave but i wasn't feeling well and didn't really feel like eating much.  The others all really liked it but i had one of their burgers and it had a Guinness sauce making it taste mostly like beer and red that was eh. We tried on a specific style of dress but i was just to big for one size and a tiny bit to small for another but the sales people were really pushy and tried to get me in the smaller size.  They were also pretty rude to some of the others and we wont be buying the dresses from there.  We finally headed home later than we intended and dropped everyone off.  We showed my parents all the pictures and picked a few good ones.  I may post some of them later if i get a hold of the camera.
    Today i'll be mainly resting and doing some homework but at 2 i'll be seeing Elysium and then going to dinner at Nonnie's.  I don't know if i'll have time to do a real in depth review but maybe i'll do a quick "recommend/don't recommend."  We'll see how i feel tonight.
    Finally, are you having a bad day? Are you sad for any reason?  Do you just want to curl up and cry?  WATCH THIS VIDEO.  I swear this is the funniest thing ever.  I can't NOT laugh XD.  I don't think there's any cursing but seriously guys watch this video!  I...i can't even.