Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kitties, Dracula, and Gaming with the Boys

    Hello my darling dears!  Another day down!  Today, I actually answered the prompt on the Ywic blog!  Look at me so nice.  Here ya go.  As it says, It's national hug you cat day so I present to you, Kitties!!!!
Hugging Pippin is very dangerous, but so rewardingly soft
Hugging Merry is easy except for the flurry of fur
he emits on contact
Hugging Bilbo is just too darn cute!!!
    So, kitties aside, what did I do today?  Well, first we started in Scratch which is a nifty game/video program that's not too hard.  I'm making a Dracula+Vampire Castlevania sort of game in my spare time!  PencilCode was also really short and simple and cute.  However, there's Greenfoot.  Greenfoot to me at least, is a very hard programming language basically using Java.  I wasn't in the room while SP was teaching it sooooo I'm totally lost.  I also had to leave early to get my braces checked.  I've been bad about wearing my rubber bands so 2 more months...  Anyway!  
   In about an hour the Tinker is bringing his friend Grim over to play some videogames!  I hope they bring something that's good multiplayer since I don't have a whole lot.  Anyway, that's it for me today everyone!  See you all tomorrow!

OH WAIT!  How does this Sunday sound for the livestream?  This time, I'll try it over Youtube instead!  Answer in the comments!