Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Blog Prompt: What is something you would like to do to change the world?
     I would put way more money into education.  As it is, education is lacking: teachers make hardly any money, kids aren't learning what they need to be, and over all, it's a mess.  Simple stuff like typing, spelling and general writing skills, computer skills, basic math like finding tax and diving up money, and home education classes are especially needed.  For one example, I saw a girl typing with one finger.  Now, I type with two fingers, but I type extremely fast for doing so because I never took a proper keyboarding class  This girl got through a word in a few minutes rather than seconds and it really shocked us all.  Plus, none of them knew the shortcuts like ctrl+c and ctrl+v or the other varants.  I really wish some other classes were geared a bit more towards real life issues like money, interacting with other people, how to write a good resume and interview well, and how to use technology other than iPhones in the growing technological world. 
    For example, my mother makes her students dress in "interview clothes" to present in her english class to make sure they have something suitable to wear to an interview.  Funny story:  one of her students applied to McDonald's in one of the suits he used for a presentation in her class and got the job because, according to the person who hired him, he made an impression as the only person wearing a suit.  She also teaches them how the books they are taught in class, which seem to be related to nothing, effected thing that they watch, read now, or even listen to in their music to make them interested.
    More educated people=more innovators creating new industries and finding answers to issues like hunger, poverty, and pollution.  All the birds with one stone!

   Moving on!  Last night was better than before, but I was still in a funk when it began.  Luckily, I was cheered up pretty quickly by SP and the other instructors who brought make up.  Yesterday was the camp Hunger Games, where the girls and their families were divided into districts, ate food based on each district's export, "trained," and then all of them (including family members) got to go at it with pool noodles, ping pong balls in socks with string, and nerf guns if they were lucky.  I got all dolled up since the instructors and camp assistants were the Capitol people.  Now, last year, I didn't participate since I'm not a real Hunger Games fan and didn't feel like going.  However, I really regret it now.  It was really fun, even just to make the games!  I got to be the Tracker Jackers (confetti poppers) and SP and I had to do a run to the dollar store to try to find face paint while dressed as Capitol people.
    Now, imagine yourself as a nice lady working at the Dollar Store or a nice guy at Joann's fabrics and in runs THIS running into your store asking for face paint.  Ya, not a pretty site.  Here's some more pictures of us though!