Monday, June 23, 2014


   Hehehehe.  Today was great.  I got to draw every single girl in my tick figure form up on the board!  I'll put pictures up in a little bit!

 I like this prompt
      Blog Prompt: You have a source at the CDC and she has just informed you that the government has confirmed that the Zombie Apocalypse has begun. You have 24 hours to prepare before people in your town start turning. How will you use your time to prepare for the apocalypse?

     First of all, I'd gather people who are useful to me:  People with survival skills more so than fighting.  My parents and siblings would be first for sentimental value, followed by Joellen and Jaimi and the Tinker.  My sister's fiance is very skilled and he'd be on top of the list.  Next, we'd gather other we can think of that would be helpful--people skilled with weapons, first aid and other medical problems, and people who can read maps and navigate.  Obviously, everyone would begin looting at this time.  Looting maybe just as dangerous and facing zombies, so, I would have us divide into task teams.

      One team gathers gas in tanks and storage containers and  anything else that can be found in the vicinity, such as snacks, water, first aid kits, medicines and painkillers, bug repellents in case the disease is transmitted via insect and to avoid infections, and other travel musts.  A map and compass would also be nice, in case phones and GPS are knocked out.   Someone who is capable of reading these would also be requested.  This team will be the top priority, since they will be gathering many important items.

      Another team would gather food.  Food such as energy bars and other foods that are well preserved and can last a long time while providing as much of the daily doses of the 5 food groups as possible.  Food and water would be a must.  MREs and similar things would be extremely useful if we could find any.  This team will probably also be on clothing duty.  It might sound silly, but having a pair of running shoes is important for the zombie apocalypse as well as socks and clothes for the seasons so you don't die of cold or heat stroke.
      A third party would gather and create weapons.  As an awesome song once said "anything can be a weapon if you're holding it right."  I personally would go for a long piece of wood with nails in it as suggested by MatPat in this video.  I would also get things such as matches and hairspray as well as other flammable items.  Guns, ammo, and cleaning materials are of course needed as well.  Something as simple as a bow and arrows will be useful too.  Dave's sporting goods is close and has many items we'd need. 
        After everything has been received and the teams have regrouped, we will head out of town.  Most likely, the town will be on quarantine and escaping town will be difficult.  Most likely, we will try to plow through whatever blockade is stopping us.  Some people would say to go to the missile range due to the influx of weapons, however it is hard to get in and out of.  If the zombies were to invade, escape would be more difficult.  We'd look for an area that is far from the infection (if there is any) that has a good view point to watch carefully.

     Now, like the Oregon Trail, you have to have things to barter with other survivors if you do get so far.  Extra maps and items would be used to barter for goods like food and ammo along the way if the whole world is falling to bits.  Finding a cure or a person capable of doing so would be a high priority.  Finding a cure is more important than individual survival.

    Here lies the problem however.  I would die.  If the infection did suddenly break out, who's to say I wouldn't be infected and turn first or die unsuspectingly?  Also, I'm not sure I have the gall to kill, even if my life is threatened.  Zombies are also one of the things I'm most afraid of, so I might shut down in fear.  And honestly, I'm scared I'd be that weak link that gets dropped.  The scariest thing in the Zompacalypse is people.

    Anyway!!!!  Tonight, I'll upload a picture of my pictures from camp!  Hope you enjoyed this!