Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 1: When i was brave!

  I was brave once.  Not so long ao, in a living room not too far away, an adventure began.  The adventurous youth took her weapon in hand, a mystical weapon known to many as the "Control of XBOX."  With her power in hand, she ventured forth, unawares of the dangers ahead.  After endless hours of brutal fights with all enemies from bandits to trolls, she came across a small village with an open tavern.  In she ventured to sell her plundered goods as well as rest for the night ahead, but the innkeeper had a tale to tell.  The barrow lying just outside the city was haunted; a man entered a year ago, screams were heard the next night, and the man was never seen again.  The brave Breton gulped, for ghosts were the one adversary she most feared, but the reward was to be great!  She would have to venture forth with her loyal companion, Lydia, to save the villagers from the impending doom.  A silver sword, the best for fighting ghosts replaced her Skyforge sword, and she began her journey.
    After getting lost and wandering around for about an hour, she finally discovered the not-that-hard-to-find barrow and took a deep breath.  Onward she traveled to the iron door leading to the pit bellow.  Expecting a barrage of ghosts to warm her the instant of arrival, she prepared her sword and hesitantly trod down the broken wooden staircase.  The cave was silent...until she reached the lowest room.  
   "Leeeaavvvveee......get ouuuttttt...." A voice echoed through the hall and the adventurer froze, terrified of what lied again.  each step she took was tentative and slow....but to her amazement there was not a ghost in sight!  
  "Ha!" She thought.  "No enemies!  This shall be an easy loot!"  How wrong she was.  Around every corner, at every treasure chest, every door she opened, a trap was set in place.  She was even stuck with her partner for a good 10 minutes in a pool, trapped.  She escaped trap after trap after trap, looking for the specters she most feared, her heart racing.  Finally, she reached the last room.  An ghostly howl could be heard.  "Best get it over with..." and with that, she rushed in, slashing in all directions uttering a battle cry.  
   One man.  Not a single ghost she discovered in the entirety of the "haunted" barrow, only a man using a spell!  All her troubling was for naught?!?  Outraged she returned to the innkeeper, retrieved her 100 gold, and promptly stormed off to do something worth it like fight a dragon.
  O yes, i was scared once.  It was pointless!