Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ywic MS Camp Day 2-Turtle Treasures!

The prompt: 

Blog Prompt: What quality or talent is most likely to make you famous one day? It’s okay to brag!

The answer:

"i hope my being funny and interesting will help me become famous.  I hope my ability to act and sing might make me a Broadway or movie star and that i can make some money and stuff.  Any questions?  Please leave them in the comments!!  :)   Also, check out my poll on the side  Be the first to vote!!!!" 

      O little me of little faith.  Now, I believe this blog and my Youtube channel will make me famous!  I hope my comedy and my devoted fans (the twins) will keep me afloat in a world of fame.  I hope that my other abilities do come into play, but I just hope I can be lazy while doing them!

      Today, we did a "Turtle Treasure Hunt" where we used PencilCode directions to find the treasure!  Here's a cute little picture.  Now, tonight we'll be having a movie night!  We're watching Frozen...which is good....but overdone.  I'm takin good Ol' Jazmin though!  Imma get some Keva Juice before we come though cause...I can?  yes.  Sooo, incase you guys haven't noticed, I do have a new poll up.  Please vote on it guys :p  That's all I can say for today so peace out my lovelies!!