Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Soooo today I decided to be Wolverine!!  I knew the twins were going to dress up as Batgirl and Raven,  and last week, everyone picked DC characters and I wore my Logan hoodie, so today I came full out--muscle shirt, jeans, boots, a chain so it looks like dog-tags and all!  I even tried to do my hair buuuutttt...ya that's didn't work out.  Those claws are made of NXT kit pieces!  I also have my Wolverine coat but I'm too lazy to put it on.  The prompt was somethin about what I'd build to save the world buuuutttt I'm again, lazy.  Tonight, we're watching Tangled!!!!!!!!  Jazmin (who loves it as much as I do) is coming with me!  I have to run home to get some jammies on and stuff so, talk to you all tomorrow!  Enjoy these close ups!!!