Monday, June 30, 2014

Much to come!

    Soooooo today, as I was cleaning up my room hardcore, I found all my character art!  That means I found my old pictures of Medi, Minori, even some of Mate, Thief, and Lea!  Those will be coming up very soon!  I'll most likely add the pictures I find to the character bios (which desperately need to be updated...)  That reminds me; I'll also be doing a Pets part 2 with even more characters I left out the first time!
      I also am planning to do a drawing livestream most likely next week!  It'll be essentially a tutorial on how I draw character's eyes and expressions.  I also have a few giveaways I want to do during the livestream!  That's right, prizes, which I will be talked about in my next Youtube video, so subscribe to my channel to see when that comes out!
      I also want to get started on my Assassin's Creed post as well as maybe make some more Clash of Heroes and Spelunky Lea Plays!  I am in the process of transfering my data from one computer to the net and getting used to my new one, so some stuff might be slower than others.  If anyone has "How to use Windows 8 to do anything" tips, I'm all ears.
      I hope this means a little something for everyone and that everyone will be excited by what's on the way!  Hope to see you guys checking in for more posts and updates!!  <3