Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 3: Begin! HTML Guide Part 2

     What a weekend.  Thursday, right after camp, I went out to dinner with the Tinker at Luna Rossa and then played games all night.  Friday, I finally relaxed.  Saturday Jaimi and I went swimming and played games into the night.  Sunday, Grim, the Tinker, and yams all came over to game and then I had dinner with the family.  I've been so tired lately, I haven't really worked on any of my big posts.  Please vote on the poll so I know which one to work on!
      It's been an interesting day already.  High schoolers are so much more savvy than middle schoolers and are making it way easier to be an assistant.  One thing the girls are learning is HTML.  Ironically, earlier in the year i made this post here which is a basic HTML guide!  If you're one of the campers, or just interested in HTML, check it out!  HTML can be used to format blogs (like this one), webpages, and other various things online.  In fact....let's start a part 2!  Read part 1 first!

   "Galen!  Your blog never told me how to do pretty stuff like font colors and backgrounds!!!"  Well, dear reader, you're right!  So, let's begin with backgrounds!
  • To give a background a solid color, <body bgcolor="#FF33FF">
  • To give an image background, you can either use a url or a picture saved in the same file as your notepad page.  
    • <body background="wolverine.jpeg" width="2000" height="2000">
      • This is one saved in the same folder as the html document.  For example, the desktop or a file on it is a great place to save your pictures and documents for easy use.  
    • <body background="">
      • This is the same picture, but using the online url instead.  This can be found by 
        • clicking "View Image" on Google  and copying and pasting the url from the top of the page.  OR
        • Right clicking, selecting "Properties" and copying the url from there.  
        • Then, paste into code.  
        • To edit the size, it is the same as the images in the last tutorial!

    "Gaaaalllleeeeennn, I already have a pretty fancy background now.  But black words look really bad against dark colors!!"  Well, then you need to change the color!  Here's how!
  • <font color="red">This is some text!</font>
    • This is some text!
  • This can also be done with hex codes like the background!
  • <font color="#FF33FF">This is some text!</font>
    • This is some text!

"But the text is too small!!!"  Well well,
  • <font size="6">This is some text!</font>
    • This is some text!
  • You can also use header tags like <h1>Hello</h1>  There are generally 6 different sizes as demonstrated here.
    • h1

    • h2

    • h3

    • h4

    • h5
    • h6

"Well....but....I want a different font!  That one is dumb!"  Well little grasshopper

"But Gaaaaaalen that's so much cooodddeeee!  Can't I make it shorter?"  Why yes you can!  Many attributes such as alignment, size, and color, can all be in one big ol' tag!

  • <font color="#FF33FF" size="5" face="fantasy">potato</font>
    • potato

There you have it!  Another installment of my HTML tutorial!  Hope this helps!  Have a lovely day!  <3