Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Plague

Today was another day!  Well, it's not over yet, so I can't be sure...but so far, not bad.  One thing, however, that irked me, was today's prompt.  Blog Prompt: If you could travel anywhere and anytime (past, present, or future) where would you go? Why?  Now, this raises some questions in me.
  1. Would we be impervious to any diseases such as the Plague that are present in the current era?
  2. Would we be able to speak the language of said place in said era?  Languages have changed so much since the beginning of time and will continue to change for centuries!!
  3. Will we be given clothes to fit in?
    1. This also brings up if we will be seen.  Will they be able to see us or will we be merely invisible observers?
    2. Will we be allowed to interact with the people and places?
      1. Will doing so interrupt the time space continuum?  
  4. In general, could I survive and be immune to any problems and leave whenever I please? 
    Now, if I COULD survive and all that jazz, then I'd like to visit Rennassance Italy, maybe meet Leonardo da Vinci, and maybe see if Ezio was a real bro!  I'd like to see the art, the buildings, and all the cool shenanigans that went on!  However,  I'd also like to see Feudal Era Japan.  I have a special affinity for the architecture and clothing and would love to get my hands on old weaponry!  I personally would rather not go to the future because I have a particular fear of divination. and seeing the future would lead me to want to create something similar or, if the future was a wreck, try to fix it, which, in turn, could result in said future.
    Ya, I hate time-space.  Anyway, I also would like to see areas like Africa before human intervention to see how forests used to be and how creatures have evolved and changed since the beginning of time.  Plus, I wanna ride a T-Rex.  Is that too much to ask?  That would be assuming I wouldn't, ya eaten. 
   Anyway!  Tonight I think I'm going to dinner and a movie (hopefully How to Train Your Dragon 2), so I decided to blog earlier!  Tada!  See you all tomorrow!!!!! <3