Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hufflepuff, Pirates, and All That Jazz

   And so it ends.  This week, I was exceptionally tired by the time I got home so sorry about the drought of blogs.  Let's start with the Potterluck night.

Where my snitches at?
    If you couldn't guess, I'm a Hufflepuff.  I used to play Pottermore in beta until I got bored.  I hear it's much better now, but when I played, I was sorted into Hufflepuff.  I'm not sure if the quiz has changed since then, but I chose "Care of mythical beasts" as the best class.......yaaaaaaaaaa imma puff.  So, first off I made a ton of Golden Snitches out of Ferrero Roche and printed out wings!  All the instructors made somthing. Sadly, I didn't get to try a chocolate frog from Jen or Hedgwig cookie from Noor, but I had quite a few Reese's peanut butter cup broomsticks, pretzel wands (Sofi and Susi), Kiss and cookie witch's hats (SP), and Butterbeer (Cream soda).  This is also when we sorted all the guests!  They pulled a badge out of a bag.  Sadly, a few had to be moved around because the drawing went wonky.  Elisa was especially upset that she was moved from Gryffindor to Hufflepuff but I tried to assure her it was the best house!
Myself, SP, Samira, and Jen, locked in a heated 3 v. 1 battle
     Of course we all dressed for the occasion.  During the day, Jen wore her Harry Potter Quidditch jersey, scarf, hat, etc.  Noor wore a "Hogwarts Alumni" shirt and I let her use my big hat so it looked like she was in charge She also wore a green and blue tie I brought as extra.  SP wore her Hogwarts shirt with a Ravenclaw button and one that says her favorite motto, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."  I lent Susi and Sofi (who missed the memo) my Red and Green ties to be Slytherin and Gryffindor respectively.  Then we found a TON of mini witch hats in a box of ours from Halloweeen so everyone had a hat!  (Even though the hats were waaaaaaay to tiny and barely stayed on.)  I wore a brown shirt, since Hufflepuffs are very earthy, and my authentic Hufflepuff tie!  And, I brought Hedgwig there on the table!
     After the fabulous feast, we went to Quidditch training.  I volunteered as tri---*wrong week* as the target for beater practice.  Those unfamiliar with the rules of Quidditch, allow Oliver Wood to explain.  We had a few stations set up to practice.  Chaser practice (getting the quaffle into the hoops), Make your own wand, make your own gear, and Beater practice....yaaaaa just look at the pictures.  These are my Hufflepuffs practicing!

   And then the games began.  First, Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw!  I was positioned as a goal watcher with Susi at the other end, and SP ran the scoreboard.  Sofi and her friend were the Golden (or Snitch when the time came.  Jen was the ref.  We gave each player a broomstick and a bandanna.  Ironically, we had blue and red bandannas only, so it was perfect for the first match!  After a long hard fight, Ravenclaw's seeker snatched the Snitch and won the game!  It was something like 50 to 30 I think!  Then came my crew.  Hufflepuff (Blue) vs. Slytherin (Red)!  Oh, and Jenny, a friend from last year, was my team's keeper.  Hehehehehe.

     In a fantastic turn of events, Cindy the Seeker caught the Snitch and Hufflepuff won!  For what must have been the first time in history, it was Hufflepuff (Red) vs Ravenclaw (Blue) in the finals!  In the end, Julia switched out for Cindy and caught the snitch again, launching Huflepuff in for a win!  Then, it was time for the award ceremony, where I presented the trophies to my winners!

   The next day, we all decided to dress up again--this time as anything we wanted!  I went for my favorite, Pirates!  I always love looking like a pirate, I blame Mate.  We played two different activities (as we always do).  The first was the human blob where we had to link arms and catch others.  At first it was just Sofi and I but we grew until only Lizzy survived!  Then, we played "Hospital tag" where once you were tagged, you had to cover whatever had been touched.  Well, it made it very hard to tag people that way!  Not to mention I think it was ana who got an unfortunate place -_-. Not all that much exciting happened as far as I remember, so let's get to the pictures!

    Next was pajama day!  I have a special love of pajama day.  However, I mostly stayed in my cozy little blanket.  That day, I only got to eat half a burrito for lunch since Sante Fe Grill messed up the order and I donated my food to the campers and SP, who donated her burrito as well.  I was in a pretty bad mood about that.  That night, I had Jaimi, the Tinker, and Grim over for some video games.  Nothing too exciting.

   Then, it was the end of all things!  The last day of YWIC as I know it.  The day itself was depressing.  From the moment I woke up, I felt bad and going to Ywic made it worse.  It wasn't the girls or the councilors because they were all so nice, but other things just made me feel like crying and I did on my way home. I eventually got home and went to my vocal lesson and felt better, but I still felt bad.  I think it was just the pressure of all 4 weeks finally hitting me along with a few other factors.  I do still have one more week of camp on the 12-19th that is way longer and more busy, so most likely if I do blog, it'll be later and shorter.  I would like to announce that I might be doing another livestream soon though so keep you eyes open for more news on that!