Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Potterluck Mach 2

    What a day.  Today is our event day and luckily, they chose Potterluck!  Now, if you remember, I LOVED last year's Potterluck!  It's one of my most read posts!!  Tonight, we're having the luck and Quidditch!  I want to lead Hufflepuff since it's the house I was sorted into.  I picked care of mythical creatures as my favorite class....yaaaaa.  Soooo last night I got a fancy Hufflepuff tie from Hastings, since Thinkgeek sells every other house, but not us.  I dressed in brown--an earthy color--and brought Hedwig, Wizard's Chess, and my Wizard hat!  I even brought some extra ties for the other instructors to borrow!
     The morning was alright, but the girls ate ALL the meat at lunch from my favorite place--the Mix.  It really bummed me out because it's my favorite food of the week and this time, they gave us more meat and less veggies, so I thought I would be assured some!  Nope.
     Anyway.  Yesterday I got my Lootcrate!  I opened it with Jaimi so I'll be fixing that up and posting it later this week!  I'll post some pictures later tonight!  Love you internet!  <3