Monday, December 30, 2013

All shall love me and despair!!

    I got it!!  Let's start with some context!!  For Christmas, i got not on my Wii U, some clothes, candy, open sunset blindbox turret, a Toy Story 3 Peapod (i cuddle to death every night), Hyperbole and a Half the book, Why Bears Should Wear Underpants, some Lucchese boots, and a slew of movies including The Wolverine, The Great Mouse Detective, Sherlock a Game of Shadows, and Disney's Robin Hood just as a few examples.  I also got $30 for amazon from my uncle and aunt (and i found another $25 gift card laying around the house) as well as $25 for from my grandmother!  So, I went on a shopping spree.  By the end of said spree, i ended up with around $150 of merchandise--an Umbreon and Fenniken plushie, a Nenya replica ring, a Wolverine hoodie (that was normally $70 but on sale for 15), and a pair or Wood Elf Ear Clips all for the price of shipping (about $20)!  I had a good Christmas ^^
   So, i wasn't expecting my ring until the 2nd buuuttt i took a little walk to the mail box and got a lovely surprise!!  It's a bit smaller than i expected, but i'm lucky it fits because i have no concept of ring size and was like "ooo pretty buy it."  If you guys read my fantasies post oh so long ago, you'd know i want to be proposed to with this ring (except a much better, less cheap one!)  I'm so happy!!!  That's also my necklace from Alternate Realty Costuming i mentioned!  It's Legend of Zelda based with a key, sword, and fairy!  So, that's it for me everyone!  I might do a live blog on New Years Eve however, please remember i am MST so if you're in New York or even across the world in Japan and China, yall are getting ahead of me :(  Anyay!  Night everyone!  <3