Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Where oh where has your Galen gone?

   Hello hello you lovely lot!  Time to play catch up.  Yesterday was probably one of the worst days I've had in a long while.  Yesterday also happened to be pajama day.  Keep that in mind.  I got a mountain of homework from my English class and had a pretty standard lunch.  Then I had theater.  For the thousandth time, i was nearly driven to insanity and had a breakdown after class in my mom's classroom.  It was pretty damn awful.  Then, I had Beauty and the Beast practice afterward.  I took a sip from my friend's Sprite and then accidentally spilled it all over me.  So, I was in sopping wet pajamas in front of the cast.  Mom let me get some McDonald's to try and cheer me up and luckily, I got my Fenniken in the mail early!  He wasn't supposed to arrive for another 2 weeks!  It's a really high quality product, but a bit overstuffed for m taste.  Still, he's adorable no?
   Today was weird. First, the sub from theater came and told me my buddy Dalton told her the girl was being mean to me.  I know she was trying to help but the truth is...I hate when people say "there will always be people like that" because I know there will.  Is that really supposed to help??  Another thing.  People try to tell me I'm talented and a good actress and that I shouldn't feel bad, but how am I supposed to feel that way when director's call me back for a lead TWICE and give me minor parts (one that didn't even appear in the script) TWICE?  One comic that really describes how i feel is this one here and sometimes I just wish people would acknowledge my fish are dead.
    Anyway.  I had to get some braces work after my Lion's club meeting today and now I have to start on my mountain of work.  Sorry if this was depressing.  I have about...5 or 6 important posts I'm working on as I have the time that might be up anytime now soooooooo.  Keep your eyes peeled...but please don't actually do that.  That sounds awful and painful.........