Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pokemon and Me Part 3: Georgia and Seth (4-5)

Four months and much anticipation later, I present to you, Pokemon and Me Part 3!  Read parts 1 here and 2 here first though!


When I heard my school threatening to implement a uniform and disbanding the “country-school” program in which you had the same teacher all 3 years, I became sad.  Not to mention, Nick was long gone.  My family also had to move out so my sister could have our house to attend college and so we relocated.  We moved to the other side of town and I moved to a new elementary school for 4th and 5th grade.  The thing I remember most is my best of friends, Seth.  I remember when we first met, he showed me around the school and helped me figure stuff out, just like Nick had at my other school.  He directed me to the Library where I would meet the most epic of all librarians who still attends all of my plays  I instantly latched onto Seth.  It turned out he was also an avid Pokemon lover!  I remember we would play together at recess every day and we became instant friends; we would go to movies together, go to each other’s houses, and even go shopping and stuff together.  You could even say…(if you consider elementary school to count) that we dated.    Why is this important?  Because to this day, Seth is one of my very best friends and I wouldn’t be who I am without him and the best part is, we met because of Pokemon.    
    When he came over, we would often play Pokemon together either on our SPs, out loud as a little LARP, or on the Wii as we got older!    I remember we both had a certain affinity for Treeco.  Seth also introduced me to consoles with his Play Station (2 I think?), without which I never would have bought an Xbox and therefore never would have played the game that made me popular!  He broke in my Wii with me, playing Twilight Princess to near completion.  I would make the popcorn and help solve puzzles and Seth would play until we got stuck and had to use Zelda Dungeon to move on. 
Pokemon made me be social and really talk to people, which in return, made me meet one of the greatest people of all time who, even though we go to other schools and are busy, has the time to come give me a hug on Halloween.  He might not know it, but those little moments truly light up my life and make me extremely happy. Seth, if you’re reading all this sappy stuff………


As I was saying!  Pokemon!  At the same time, Pokemon made me a better person in a different way.  5th grade brought about the wonderful Gen IV, the first slew of Pokemon games on two glorious screens.  Pokemon Diamond and Pearl released right before the summer of 5th grade on April 22nd, 2007 here in the states.  I can’t remember if I bought the DS just for it, or if I had already had one, but Diamond was amazing.  Pokemon with new features, new graphics, new Pokemon!  Gen 4 introduced 107 Pokemon, bringing the total to 493, not to mention new Pokeballs, moves, abilities, and the first Global Trade feature!  It really is one of my favorite generations behind Gen 3.  Well, since I was in either K or 1st grade, I had acted at a children’s theater troop at the University  and during this time, I was still participating.  One day, I was happily sitting with a few of my friends, when I noticed a girl with a Mewtwo dangle on her flip-phone.  I myself didn't have a cellphone until 7th grade, so this girl to me seemed like the coolest person on the planet.  Up until that very moment, I had no idea that other girls liked Pokemon like I did!  I worked up the courage and, after the class as we waited to be picked up, I said “Is that Mewtwo?”
   This girl is named Georgia.  Georgia and I have possibly the most amazing relationship ever.  She and I acted together for 1 or 2 years together until she told me she wouldn't be able to.  I asked her why and found out she had family in Italy and was moving there for a year.  Whereas this would have been the end of my relationship to any other person, my bond to Georgia actually strengthened while she was in Italy as she would still talk to me through email and stuff.  When she returned, she even bought me a little boat from Elba which I still keep on my shelf (which I'll add a picture of this afternoon!).  Before she left for her big fancy college, (good job on getting accept Yorya!  <3) we went to Bite of Belgium together and went shopping.  
   Georgia not only became my friend through Pokemon, but she showed me how to be friends with girls and how to be a real person.  Georgia is my greatest inspiration and I wouldn't be the crazy me you know without her.  She and I look and act so similarly, I call her my twin and although she is hundreds of miles away almost all the way on the other side of the country, I have not and will not forget her.  She and I are still best of friends and I got in Alaska for her that I just sent as a late Christmas gift! 

The last posts were mainly about me and how much I love this series and the games, but the truth is, these games gave me 2 of my closest and best friends who have turned me into the person I am for many different reasons!  Seth showed me console gaming and how to think like a gamer whereas Georgia taught me how to really make friends and inspired me to branch out.  I am eternally grateful to not only both of them, but to Pokemon to leading me to them.  Pokemon is more than a game: it’s my life.

That's it for me today guys.  I'll update this when I get home with a picture of the little boat from Georgia!  If you guys want, I've added a nice big button for you all to follow me on Google+ where each of these posts re homed, plus I + a lot of interesting stuff you guys might like to check out!  I also extended the polls so please vote on those!  And I might be updating that Photobucket story later tonight if I get bored with more Me+Free pictures and an in-progress work of Mate!
I'm sorry this one is so sappy XD.  I think there will be...1 if not 2 more installments of Pokemon and Me!  But who knows, I might find some more to talk about!  I also have more of my top 10s and 20s of Pokemon and I'm nearly done with Pokemon X for a review!  So those will be up...eventually.  Have a lovely day everyone!  <3