Saturday, January 4, 2014

So it begins

   Today was the first practice for Beauty and the Beast and i have to say i really like the director.  He's super nice and funny and that's an important part to any play.  Without a good director, your play is nothing and your actors are angry.  Also, i like that they just called me in for an hour to just run a scene i'm in a few times.  Chip in the broadway is super nerfed so i'm really not a big character.  However, I'm still called a lead.  So we just ran that and then i got to go home!  I have another hour and a half practice on Monday.  I actually really like this method so we can just run a scene a few times, get it solid, and go home.  A+.
    Now, i think i'll prepare my throat for some vicious yelling as I am about to play Spelunky.  It's kind of an odd thing really.  I  LOVE assassin's creed, it's one of my favorite if not my favorite series; however, i'm just so addicted to Spelunky i haven't even played much!  My brain does this weird thing where it says "Man i don't really wanna play for a long time...let's just play a round or two of Spelunky instead" and then i end up playing for the rest of the night.  (I call it Spelunky Syndrome.)  SOMEONE EXPLAIN!!!!  HAAAAAALP!